WHAT!!! Erotic Sculptures In Temples! 

# Explore the Subtly Sensual and Highly Erotic Temple Sculptures of India

India is commonly known for widely practice Hinduism since it is followed by rural as well as urban majority. But, Indian offers much more than the teachings of Dharma and Kama (Kama Sutra) with its ancient architecture that express the most pristine song of love with erotic sculptures.

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Known worldwide for their classic and unprecedented erotic sculpture art, the temples of Khajuraho are visited by domestic as well as international tourists all year long. Several expert historians who have studied the temple art claim that erotic art covers almost 10% of the overall art of the temples. While some maintain that the purpose of adorning the different outer and inner walls of the temples with such erotic art was to initiate the Platonic belief, so the visitors would leave their lush outside the temples, some maintain that it was to actually trigger sexual interest among people and to signify the necessity and sexual responsibility of a couple.

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