4 Amazing Facts About Periods You Must Know

Periods are an indispensable part of a woman’s life. There are a lot of emotional, physical and mental changes which occur in your body when it’s the phase of the monthly menstrual cycle. Due to the medical advancements, there are various things which the scientists have discovered about periods. But still, there are various things which we aren’t aware of periods. Wanna know? Well, have a look at various interesting facts:

1. You might start thinking like a guy
During your periods, you tend to have a lower level of estrogen which can increase the chances of developing male cognitive abilities. According to the leading psychologists, you develop spatial thinking, etc. which shows the male traits. That doesn’t mean you would start getting interested in soccer or hard action films. But, your logics may kick start during that time.

2. Not to worry about bleeding
According to the clinical doctors, “Your uterus won’t explode if you don’t have a period.” Extended-cycle pills give you 28 days of hormones, rather than 21 plus seven placebo pills, so there’s no hormonal vacay week of bleeding. In fact, you can benefit from taking any kind of birth-control pills. Studies show they decrease your risk of ovarian cancer by about 50 percent.”

3. Your period fluctuates whenever you are in stress
Stress in any form is dangerous to our health; be it sleep or even the menstrual cycle. It can delay as well as pre-pone your periods. In fact, the doctors say that, “Your brain responds to nerve-racking events by releasing stress hormones that can interfere with those regulating your cycle, setting you up for irregular periods, shorter cycles, or even menses that go MIA for months at a time.”


4. Periods can make you crave for sex
It’s a true fact that women crave for sex more when they are during the menstrual cycle. A lot of women confess that they get “turned on” when they have periods. And in fact, this boot knocking is good for our health and the regular cycles. So, it’s okay to feel the urge of sex or physical pleasure during periods.

Though these are the few interesting facts, but you can also add few more things if you know about the menstrual cycle. Will be glad to hear about it.

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