11 Sure Shot Ways to Detox Your Mind!

Sometimes we unintentionally feed our body with the things that might be poison. Similarly, involuntarily we provide our souls with the things that poison our soul. Noxious attitudes, behaviors or people influence our soul in a negative manner without even letting us know. Unfortunately, we can’t cut down on toxins in this low world. But we don’t need to let those venoms accumulate in our soul to cause harm which is far beyond repair. Mental detox is as important as it is to detox our body. No matter how healthy we might be, but we have our mind chock-full with negativities, we can’t feel lively.

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As we detoxify our body, our mind can be detoxicated too. You just need to keep this tips in mind to ward off those unwanted feelings that are thrown at you.

1. Get Rid Of The Toxic People

There are already too many toxins in our life, coping up with toxic people is just pointless. Such kind of people sucks positivity and motivation out of your life. By saying toxic people, I mean bi-polar (the ones who lift you up and then throw you down at the same time), the chronic weepers, the takers, the egomaniacs, the users, the active bullies, and gossipers. You should not, at any cost, entertain such kind of people in your life. You might absorb their negativity even without letting your mind know about it. If you can’t get completely rid of such deleterious people, just make sure that you set certain boundaries to limit your interactions with them.

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2. Weed Out The Grudges And Nurture Forgiveness

Life is too short for nurturing grudges or recordkeeping the wrongdoings of others. Holding grudges is just like drinking rat poison and waiting for the rat to die. It’s like confining your head to be always turned backward. Don’t imprison yourself to the feeling of resentment, because you deserve to be free. If you are angry at someone, you are uselessly giving out your energy to them. Now ask yourself, if they did wrong to you, do they deserve all the attention you’ve been giving to them? Forgiveness is a boon for you. You need to forgive people so that you can make peace with your past and close all the doors that lead to the same.

3. Practice Positivity

Practicing positivity not only means talking about positive things. It simply means surrounding yourself with things that radiate positivity in every form. Practice finding out positive sides of every tough situation. Find good in every bad. Reframe every negative situation into a positive one and try believing in it. Start your day with a positive muse. Listen to some happy music. Get into the habit of meditating, even if for 5 minutes. Avoid reflecting over your problems at the advent of the day. Make sure that you are surrounded by positive thoughts all through your day.

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4. Part Ways With Perfection

Get this fact straight that there is no such thing as perfection. Chasing perfection doesn’t do any good to anyone, it just brings up guilt. Our brain keeps on telling us things that we must or should do and we often find ourselves unable to do as our brain says. This gets us riddled with a low feeling and a sense of disappointment. Well, walking out on the idea of perfection doesn’t imply that you stop striving for better. You can always improve yourself but you can never be perfect. No one can ever be! Once you’ll agree to take this fact, you’ll find it easier to love and accept yourself the way you are.

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5. Retreat From Ruminations

Ruminations, the secret practice which every individual can relate to. We sit for hours, thinking about the same thing over and over again. Sometimes the thinking process exceeds the limit to such an extent that we create a problem that wasn’t even there at the first place. I’m sure many of us can secretly relate to it. Women have a stronger tendency to go through times they’ve messed up, over and over again. And then this triggers the self-humiliating or self-bashing ritual where they hold themselves responsible for everything that went wrong. Just when you begin to think negatively about yourself, try to find and remember things that you actually did well. Just because you made one bad decision, doesn’t mean you are bad at everything in your life.

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6. Cut Off On Coffee And Soda

During a detox, you are giving your body some rebate from the toxins which we’ve been taking in the forms of the food we have. Caffeine is metabolized by our liver, which means that our liver has to do some work to break down caffeine. Give your body some break. Cut down on your caffeine and sugar intake, and let your brain lighten untwine a bit.

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7. Put An End To The Morning Newspaper Ritual

Yes, you actually read it right. Cut yourself from the issues and worries of the outside world for a while. Let your mind deal with your own issues first. Our mind is like a sponge. It absorbs everything which we come across during a day. When we read a newspaper in the morning, we let all the worries of the world into our mind. This causes us to overthink our life and we reassess the actions we are going to take. Instead of reading the morning newspaper, get into the habit of watching motivational videos on YouTube. By proactively putting positive things into your mind, your overthinking practices will transform into optimism.

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8. Chase A Particular Goal

Thinking negatively about everything you’re going through in your life won’t help you, or will it? Negative thinking slows us down and demotivates us to chase our goal. It sets limits on our abilities to enjoy the moments in our present. Every time you think destructively about your life deviates your mind and body into doing something productive. Do anything that distracts your mind from your worries, no matter how trivial it seems. Like it is said, an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Don’t let the devils set up their permanent abode in your mind where many constructive ideas are born. Redirect the wasted energy into something productive. Learn new things which will help you achieve your goals.

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9. Get Rid Of The Lies You’ve Been Told And Replace Them With The Truth

Closely examine your life. Examine the lies that you’ve been telling yourself or the ones been told by others. Try to seek the truth. Remember, real freedom always comes from real truth. Lies chain you while truth liberates you. Fill your life with truth and eliminate all the lies, even the ones you’ve been telling to yourself to feed your low self-esteem.

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10. Skip Out On Envy

Getting green on people who you think are doing better than you in their life, will only poison your own soul. Everyone is special in its own kind. There’s no point of comparing yourself with others. Whenever a thought of comparison pops up in your mind, try to recall all the blessings you’ve ever received from the God. Try to seek contentment in whatever you have, little or more. Remember, god will always give you what is best for you. Envying people for their accomplishments will only make you do things for which you’ll loathe yourself later.

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11. Redirect Your Anger Productively

It’s completely alright to get angry at times. Like any other emotion, anger is an emotion which needs demonstration too. It needs to be expressed at times. It’s okay to feel angry until and unless you physically or emotionally harm anyone. At the onset of fury, try to keep your calm and listen to the things carefully. Analyse the situation and then act accordingly. If you’re not unable to act, redirect your anger in some other direction. Redirecting your anger doesn’t imply that you’ll throw your fires of fury on people who are not even responsible for it. Use your anger to lift yourself up, to get yourself moving towards the direction of your destination. Use your anger as a fuel in this journey!

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