5 Best Birth Control Methods

Little bundle of joy, cuties, adorable creatures or whatever you call them, babies or kids are one of the desirable blessing in a couple’s life. The only thin line of differentiation occurs between parents who want to have this blessing now and afterwards. For the latter ones, birth control options are the prevailing best options soothing their choice. Let’s dig a more deeper dig into this matter to bring out the best possible options..

# Condoms

These latex barriers are the well known and commonly used methods for preventing pregnancy. These are available for both the genders, hence can be used by anyone during sex. It not only helps in preventing the entering of male sperms in a female body, but it also helps in protecting you against the any STD’s. But, in case, you are planning to avoid the arrival of kid for a long time, then male condom is the perfect substitute for this isuue because it is considered more safer than female condoms.

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# Birth Control Pill or Emergency Contraception

No worries, if you have forgot to use condoms while having sex. The ball is still in your court because of Birth Control Pill and Emergency Contraceptions. Birth Control Pills helps in preventing your ovulation by gaining a strong control over your progestin and estrogen hormones. It is only advised to take these pills on a scheduled basis, otherwise you may get pregnant.

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On other hand, Emergency contraception helps in avoiding pregnancy after sex. If all plans have failed, then this can be used within 72 hours of having sex. These non-hormonal drugs must be taken only after consulting well with professional doctors and must be avoided on a regular basis.

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# Birth Control Patch

In case, you are having trouble in keeping up with your birth control pills, then you can consider Birth Control Patch for your use. It works as same as pills and is equally effective. You can wear this patch on your skin for three whole weeks, during which you will have to change this patch only once a week. The fourth week will be patch free as by then, the hormones reducing your birth control will be released in your body.

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# IUD or Tubal Ligation

If you want to enjoy your couple life for a longer time and are not into the favor of having children, then you can surely go for these long term birth control options. IUD is a T-shaped plastic, which is placed inside your uterus with the help of a minor surgery performed by professional health experts. It prevents the sperm in fertilizing your egg for the next 10 years. However, it must get replaced after 5 years. It may also have some side effects like vaginal infections for some.

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Tubal Ligation can be termed as a permanent birth control method. In this method, the fallopian tubes of a woman are tied together, thus preventing the eggs to get fertilized in your ovaries. It must be followed only after consulting well with your doctor.

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# Diaphragm

It is a kind of rubber dome that claims to serve as an effective birth control option. It is used with a spermicide and claims to offer best results, if used correctly every time. It is although an inexpensive birth control method, but still it must only be used after having a talk with your doctor about this.

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These methods can really help you out in planning your family the way you want. It must only be remembered that age plays an important role in choosing the form of your birth control. So, select your approach while keeping other options in your mind!