Yoga For Weight Loss

Obesity…this is one word which almost every other person is fighting with. Blame it on the genes or thanks to the invention of junk food, we gain excess weight at almost inappropriate places, thus making our body a bloated balloon!!!! But worry not, as you have one of the oldest practices, Yoga for your rescue! One of the best method in our modern living that helps to tone up the physique as well as intellectual harmony.

Yoga, the word may sound too heavy, but as a startup it only requires a pair of comfortable pyajamas and a yoga mat to go. Yoga will not only help you shed off those extra kilos but will also soothe the senses helping you to lead a relaxed and comfortable life.

#Boat pose (Nauka Chalan)







Relax on a mat and stretch your legs. Knees should be pulled up and thighs should be straight with toes pointed out. Try to raise your feet and bring it to a 45 degree angle. Inhale when your feet are raised and avoid bending your knees. The backbone should be straight and you should try to make a V shape with your body. Raise your arms to shoulder level. This pose will help you reduce the over weight tummy improving body strength and stamina.

# Grinding Pose (Chakki Challan)





This is a very powerful asana for decreasing belly fat. All you need to do is, sit in a comfortable position and spread your legs straight facing towards you. Both the legs should touch each other. Avoid bending knees. Join your hands and proceed in a circular motion over your legs. This proves to be a good massage and stretches your stomach, hands & legs. Carry out this exercise 10 times in clockwise position and 10 times in anti clockwise position. Liberate gently.

# Mountain Pose (Tadasana)





All you need to do here is stand on a mat with your hands extended as much as you can. Close your eyes and try to concentrate on your feet. Stretch as if you are trying to touch the stars. Open your feet and look forward. It provides an effective rub to the hands, back spine almost the whole body. This exercise is also good for people who want to increase height.

# Locust Pose (Shalabhasan)

Isolated studio shot of a fit Caucasian woman holding the salabhasana Locust Pose yoga position on an exercise mat.


Lie down on your belly with hands dozing under your thighs while the forehead and chin are on the floor. Raise your left leg up to 10 inches. Hold your leg straight. Prevent bending your knees. After the left leg is done, try the same method with right leg too. When you are comfortable with one leg at a time, try this with both legs.

# Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

Ana_Csere_Yoga-Pose-Chair (1)



Warrior-2-Pose (1)



Stand in ‘mountain pose’ stretching your hands up in the air. Bend your knees and keep ypur thighs in manner in which you sit in a chair. Continue to be in this position for 30 and then release. It is again a productive method to reduce excess stored calories from arms and thighs.

Follow these exercises religiously and see the difference within few days. All the bottled up fat at various places will slowly start declining, making your body more shaped up and appealing than before.