15 Sure Signs That You Are In Love!

Falling in love can be a very confusing moment. You are unsure, yet so sure.

LOVE is an ADDICTION” and it’s not easy to figure out what sort of emotion you are going through. The most over-rated and bewitching feeling, because no one can escape from the alluring charm of “love”. You never realize when you start to like a person, when you start to fall for the person, and when you actually fell in love with the one.

Ever met someone you really like? Are you feeling butterflies in your stomach? No as certain sleep and food time, well then probably you may be falling in LOVE. Here I give you the top sure signs that somewhere will help you to understand that what love actually is.

# You’re Thinking of Him/Her Right Now

This one is on the top of the sign list that you might be scrolling onto the blog to make yourself clear that seriously are you in love or it’s just another crush or you both are just being friends. If you are thinking of the Partner right now then you might be crawling slowly towards the love den.

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# You Do Things Outside Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is actually in a changing phase. Now you can change your lifestyle overnight for him/her. Waking up early and staying late with one is something which the other person changed in you. Here, you always make time for the one, even though in your busy schedule.444600-couple-watching-tv

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# Sleepless Nights

The nights are sometimes the best part of the day, you lay awake on your bed staring at the ceiling and reliving all the cherished moments of your partner. Shut eye or widely open your someone is the only one you think about.


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# Being In Your Own Imaginary World

You think about the one like every often time. You cannot force yourself not to. You are like “okay, today I’m not going to think about the person,” but even so being deliberate it always backfires and you end up thinking about him/her more and more.


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# Being Obsessed With Possessiveness

Now you are not just obsessed with the person and his presence, but also with the feeling of your possessiveness. You are being possessive for him/her, and always in a phase like “he/she is mine, all mine”, no sort of sharing is being even considered.

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# Receptive Mode

You read the text again and again, and smile like a fool. A good sign of falling in love has been just how badly you want to hear from him/her, stare at their Facebook page all day. You almost feel like a stalker.

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# Lost (Fantasying With the Partner)

Very often times love is as same like, “alone in this busy street, walking with your memories”. Being in that fool’s paradise and striking a note over the past and the future is always in motion.

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# Useless Talks

You can talk to him/her about anything and everything. Every stupid topic is now covered in your conversation. This may be annoying at times because once in a blue moon all you need is to spend time with them. It doesn’t matter to be wildly silly in love.


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# You Yell at Him/Her, Yet You Love Him/Her

The passion of your affection is the only thing that makes you love him back even after the annoying times. He/She may pull out the worst side of you but don’t forget he/she is the one who discovered the best side of your soul.

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# Cherish All The Moments

Every together moment is now cherished by you both.


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# The First Person You Want to Tell Everything

On the double now you always tend the other person to express your feelings at first. He’s somewhere like an all time dairy, you pen down almost every single moment of your life.

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# Always With the Little Butterflies.

Some sort of excitement is now throughout with your animation. You always walk along with your butterflies all the way. All you have is those Blush! Blush! Moment when someone talks about your desired one.

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# Teasing Games

Those tickling games are now provoked around the corner. You’re always in a uniform speed to tease your love partner.

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# Comfortable Silence

Sometimes that awkward silence, comforts you. And makes you feel alive. Sitting all alone with him/her all warped up with the your silent love and tender care is just what is indeed sometimes the most.

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# Everything around you makes you think of him.

Be it listening a song or watching that cuddling romantic movie everywhere your only one is here.

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