5 Surprising Facts about Chewing Gum – Yes, Health Benefits!!

Chewing gum is your favorite thing to do and your office banned chewing it… Gosh.. quite a quirky and reasonably sad story!! Let me tell you why you should oppose this ban fervently!! 😛

Nope, I don’t want you to bother about going down on your knees and begging the admin deptt to see through the tragedy!! I am merely going to tell you some health facts about Chewing gum!! Yep, you got it right… not just one… there are many health advantages of chewing gum health benefits…

Check these out!!

Here is what you gain by chewing gums.

  • Improves your Mental Power-

Chewing a gum makes your memory strong, as the moment of the jaws keeps hippocampus stimulated. Hippocampus is directly linked with enhancing memory. With the moment of jaws this part of the brain which is known as hippocampus stimulates faster and our concentration and memory becomes strong.

  • Regulates Heart Rate-

By chewing a gum, your heart rate even remains normal, much of blood flows towards heart thus, and heart functions normally with fine modulation of blood towards heart. Another benefit is that more of oxygen is delivered to the brain, with that our brain can work appropriately.

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety-

Pop a gum in your mouth and see how your mind works now, yes, it makes our mind alert and keeps down stress and anxiety and as I have already discussed keeps the memory strong. So, for releasing stress pop one gum in your mouth and see how your stress vanishes. Actually it is because our mind is diverted from the issue of tension towards chewing gum.

  • Weight Loss-

If you are trying to lose excess body weight and you are not able to combat cravings, here is the solution- pop a chewing gum, and see your mind getting diverted from something that will certainly contain more calories than a gum. This will divert your mind and once your mind is diverted, your craving will vanish. And the flavor will help you have some taste and will make you feel filled and not empty.

  • Improves Oral Health-

Chewing a gum can deter dental problems, since childhood we have been taught to stay away from candies but yes a chewing a gum can help you overcome cavities and other bacterial problems, as while chewing gum there will be more stimulation of saliva, and saliva is anti bacterial, can kill bacteria which were accumulated with our meals. So, pop a chewing gum to attain great gums and dental health.

So, these were some benefits of a candy that used to be banned ever since our childhood but studies have found some significant reasons to lift the ban!  Ain’t it better?