7 Disadvantages That Ladies Borrow Along With Their Beauty Products

The dark side of the makeup, on one side, it gives your face instant fair look and on the other hand it degrades the face of our environment. Beauty products contain many harmful products which pollute our environment.

Ladies wash their makeup in the evening, where will the chemicals go, obviously in the water. This chemical rich water then enters the food chain where it is first consumed by the primary consumer, then secondary and… and when the whole of the food chain gets infected, then it finally reaches to a tertiary level that is human beings.

Here are some disadvantageous things associated with make-up products

1. Makeup products contain carcinogenic elements

Many makeup products have been found containing carcinogenic products which have a tendency to cause skin cancer. If these chemicals are absorbed or inhaled by human beings orally, then, they have a tendency to cause harm to our internal organs by initiating cancer-like disorders.

2. There is no serious monitoring body for supervising beauty products in the USA

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The unfortunate aspect of the problem is that there is no serious monitoring body throughout the United States, which can be held responsible for failing to monitor the dangerous side effects of makeup products. The reason is that these are not a drug or food items that need to be tested for sale approval. Chemicals like think parabens and ethylene oxide have been found containing carcinogenic elements. The administration has not yet woken up to ban these products, though the UK and other European states have taken this step a long time ago.

3. 1000 banned substances are still being used as make-up in the USA

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The FDA checks cosmetic products for adulteration without analyzing the nature of the ingredients. The irony is that even this time, more than 1000 banned substances are still being used as make-up in the USA.

4. FDA has no legal authority to ban beauty products

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In the USA, it is not FDA that approves products, but the company itself. The company informs FDA about which ingredients it is using in cosmetics. Once it informs FDA, it is then considered safe for marketing. FDA does not bother to check that the company is not lying. It just compares the ingredients of this product with the ones that are already present in the market.

This statement on the FDA site will explain you the matter “If a manufacturer does not have the technical expertise to determine the best way to ensure that a product is protected from contamination, the company may want to work with a consultant.”

So it is clear that FDA has not any authority to ban or criticize any product of the company.

You will be shocked to hear that near about 75 percent make up products of the USA are sold in the market directly without any analyzation.

5. 75 percent make up products sold in the market directly without testing

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Deodorants and scents should spread fragrance, no matter which chemicals are used in making them. Most harmful products have been found in Deodorants and scents. Since they are in a gaseous state, they can easily enter into the human body through inhalation.

6. Companies mislead by classifying products as organic and inorganic

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Companies most times mislead customers by categorizing their products on the organic and inorganic basis. But the truth is that companies add a mere percentage of organic components like fruit or vegetable to their products and declared it fully organic. How can a product having 95 percent inorganic chemicals and four to five percent lemon extraction can be called organic in nature. It is just used by companies for hoodwinking FDA and customers.

7. 12 beauty products with 600 compounds being used daily

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Studies have found that on an average, a lady in the USA uses more than 12 beauty products which contain more than 600 inorganic and organic ingredients.