8 Most Painful Symptoms Of Vitamin ‘D’ Deficiency

Symptoms of Vitamin ‘D’ deficiency are most of the times scary as it can literally bring the life of an individual to a halt. The symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency range from tremendously painful ‘Psoriasis’ condition to lethal High blood pressure. Though these conditions can also arise due to some other reasons, but we need to keep the vitamin ‘D’ content in our body under check. Vitamin D is formed in our bodies due to sunlight. So showering some sunlight over our body in the day is very necessary for us. Fruits are the best sources of vitamins in our body. So we should take fruits in adequate quantity so that conditions like Psoriasis does not arise in our body. Following are the nine scariest and the painful symptoms of Vitamin deficiency:

1. Depression

Depression can occur due to many reasons. It can occur in human beings due to stress, inherited or genetic conditions but it can also be because of vitamin deficiency in our bodies. Health experts claim that people who are vitamin deficient have a tendency to suffer from depression more than the ordinary human beings.

2. High Blood Pressure

If you blood Pressure is not coming under control then your body may not contain vitamin D in adequate quantity. Because it has a vital role in regulating the blood flow in our bodies.

3. Long lasting impact of violence and accidents

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If you are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency then even a minor incident of violence or accident would leave a large and long lasting impact on your mind. You will hardly be able to forget any such incident. It happens because Vitamin D helps in regulating pain of our body. This kind of symptom has been found commonly in black women and men.

4. Fragile bones

If your body is vitamin D deficient, then there are chances that your bones will become brittle with the time as they will not show any growth. Sometimes fractures occur in the body with a slight overbalance. This condition occurs mainly in adults but it can occur in young people as well.

5. Tired all the time

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When you are tired, most times you think of taking a cup of coffee or tea to get some refreshment. But if you will walk under the sun for sometimes, your tiredness will escape in minutes. Because Health experts have noticed that people who have vitamin D deficiency feel tired very often.

6. Stress and headaches

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Vitamin D deficient individual is also prone to stress and headaches because serotonin level is not regulated in their bodies. Vitamin D deficient individuals feel cranky.

7. Stops overall endurance of bones

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For athletes Vitamin ‘D’ is a sort of a backbone of their strength. Without Vitamin D, their overall health and bone strength will be affected badly. So Athletes particularly need to take care that their body is getting Vitamin D in adequate quantity.

8. Stops muscle growth

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Significantly for those who throng gym centers early in the morning and late in the day, without Vitamin D, your muscles are not going to grow. Health experts say individuals suffering from Vitamin D deficiency suffer from atrophied and weakened muscles.