7 Tips to Applying Makeup on Dry Skin

Whether you have a long term affliction with the dry skin or a temporary one, enhancing your looks with the makeup can be a tricky affair. Its easily possible that, in the quest to attain the youthful, radiant skin along with the makeup, you might be inadvertently accentuating its glitches. Applying makeup on dry skin can cause redness, rashes and skin irritations which can be a lot of pain if one has to dress up frequently. But there is no need to loose heart! 7 Tips to Applying Makeup on Dry Skin Having dry skin does not automatically makes it obvious that you cannot have a radiant complexion. You just need to follow some some crucial clues, that we discuss here and you can have that shining glow that anyone can attain. Here you go! All the individuals who need a quick go at steps to apply makeup on a dry skin, take a look:

  • Moisturize: You don’t need me to tell you the importance of indulging in a good moisturizer… every Makeup Artists and beauty experts collectively endorses it anyways! Thus, slather your skin with a good make up primer which will not only help kick out dry patches but will also let the makeup that you have put on to stay on nicely.
  • Creamy Foundations: Creamy foundations as well as blemish concealers are a great antidote to camouflage dry skin. However, make sure that these products are at least at room temperature before you apply. For proper application, you’ll probably need a brush or an applicator, preferably different ones for the concealer and foundation. Thoroughly cover your face gliding the brush in downward strokes for a comprehensive application.
  • Use Creamy Blush and Eye Shadows: Following the reasoning as in the above step, putting on dry blush or eye shadow will draw more attention to line and wrinkles rather than serving any other purpose. Therefore, opt for creamy cheek and eye shades and apply gently with the help of a brush, smoothly and without roughing up the fragile skin.

applying makeup

  • Conclude and Set: In this step you may need to apply powder for the first and last time. Finish the makeup by gently putting on loose power with a large brush, not too heavily but at least enough to keep the blush, foundation and eye shadow in proper place. Conclude with putting on mascara and eyeliner.
  • Use Liquid Eye liner: Experts suggest the use of liquid liner for dry skin as eye pencil may cause flaky skin. Also replace your bottle of mascara every 3 months as it start crumpling and may become contaminated after that. Make sure you use waterproof mascara as ordinary ones may dry out lashes.
  • Lip Makeup: Always use a lip balm before applying a lipstick or a lip gloss. The best way to make your lipstick stay long in spite of using lip balm is by applying lose powder on lips just after applying balm, and then applying lipstick or gloss.
  • Remove it All: Once you are done with your appearance, make sure you sleep with no trace of makeup on. And apply moisturizer lavishly on your skin to pamper and nourish it.

Cleaning-Make-up Dry skin is just a phenomena and not a disease that may keep you from looking your very best. However taking care if you have such a skin is absolutely essential. Just follow these few simple steps and look great on any occasion, without having to worry about anything. CHEERS!

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