9 Rules of Drinking – Absolute No-No’s While Boozing…!!

Feel proud that you could walk straight even after downing several shorts of beer or vodka..mastered the art of mixing drinks with soda and other things… huh?? Sounds real fun right!! But, may be its not all too fun… there are certain points that one needs to avoid while enjoying a hard party at night!! I don’t wanna sound like a mom, but seriously girls, partying is fun but partying smart is what makes you attractive!! I am sure you don’t wanna pass out on a toilet seat after partying hard!! take it easy… leave some sense to enjoy rather then collapsing on the road!!

#Rules of Drinking!

So here is a list of things that you should NOT DO while guzzling down glass of wine or vodka.


#Don’t Merge Alcohol and Energy Drinks…

Mixing your favorite energy drink and alcohol might sound like a perfect brew for you, but will leave you totally drained after you are done with the party. This happens because when we drink alcohol we are intoxicated but when we have energy drinks it gives minerals and vitamins and this confuses the brain that leads to drains. The same happens when you mix sweets with alcohol.

#Mixing Drugs is Again a No!

Consuming any drugs like anti-inflammatory or anti-depressants can prove fatal to you if had with alcohol. It can also leave you restless, upset and collapse you in a way that you wouldn’t realize what you are doing.

#Don’t Booze on Full Stomach!

If you will have alcohol after stuffing yourself with a burger or fried food then it will slow down your digestion process. Moreover the drink does not allow salt and oil to break down and can elevate your blood pressure and other heart troubles. So avoid high fat or deep fried foods if you are planning to enjoy the party tonight.

#Dress Appropriately

The way you dress combined with how much you drink can leave quite a poor impression of you. Dressing up sexy is not as bad as dressing up slutty.. sorry for using the word, but seriously you wouldn’t want to be known for the wrong reasons.. do you?? Binge drinking on top of it will leave you quite in a sorry state once you get sober!

#You should Avoid Physical Activity…

Is swimming pool tempting you to jump into it after you are overloaded with a drink? DON’T! As your body is not in a state to handle any kind of physical strain, also your mind is not alert either. You can injure yourself if you indulge into one.

#Don’t Drink Too Much!!

Do never get drunk too much… its just a party… you will always get liquor whenever you want… its not the end of the world!! Just don’t get so drunk that you end up acting like a lout!

#Don’t Drive, Please!

You might have heard various advertisements urging you to stop drinking and driving that you should or rather must OBEY! When you are drunk your mind is not able to concentrate and this will lead to accidents. Moreover, when you go partying decide it beforehand about your way back plans so there are no confusions.

#Watch your Speed!!

Don’t drink too fast. Always start slowly and watch how your body adapts to it. Drinking fast will have adverse effects on your health. And when you think you are now intolerant, stop drinking then and there!

 Follow these golden rules so that you don’t ruin the party and enjoy your best!


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