Bedroom Design Ideas – 7 Tips You Overlook About Your Bedroom!

Bedroom is one of the most personal space in your house. It is a sanctuary for relaxation and sleep. In other terms it is a perfect space for romance and love. It a place where we seek comfort after a long and hectic day. It is a place where your kids find their cheerful moments. The interior decoration of your bedroom reflects your whole persona.

Here are some important tips that you must never overlook… because, your bedroom is nothing less than your personal space that reflects YOU the most!!

#Best Bedroom Design Ideas-

#Setting the Bed

Bed takes center stage in every bedroom. Lets begin with comfort… you mattress have to be cozy and comfortable. Never neglect the psychological benefits a nice bed provides through a good night sleep. A well laid, neat bed and bedding can a be an important factor about how you feel while going to bed!



Every color has its own psychological impact on our mind. Color of your bed often reflects in your mood while you are there. Go for colors like green and pink as these have a soothing impact. So next time when you are going to redefine your bedroom don’t neglect the color aspect of it.


#Flooring And Carpets

Flooring and carpets play a great role in interior decoration of your room. An elegant carpet can add value to the overall look of your room. Apart from carpets there are several other options available like laminate, cork, and wood flooring that will make the flooring of your room look exotic.



A perfect lighting can set the over all mood of your bedroom. A nice combination of overhead lighting and bedside lamps can create a heavenly aura in your room.



If your bedroom is small with compact spaces closets play a very important role in putting together a well organised look. Make sure your closet contains enough drawers and shelves so that you can put your essential belongings quite conveniently.



Furniture in your bedroom should not be a stumbling block, rather it should gel well with your theme and must go in tune with the overall atmosphere of the room- relaxing, cozy and comfortable!

bedroom furniture

#A Clutter Free Look

Your bedroom is your sanctuary where you seek calm and peace after everyday chaos. It is very important to keep it well organised and decorated so that it can become a perfect shelter when you seek your personal space.

Clutter Free room

Did you like these tips?? Tell me if you want to know anything specific… I have abundance of ideas… send me your requests, queries ad questions.. waiting for your response!


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