Butt Management : All You Need To Know

Every woman wants to have a gorgeous and toned butts. World history has several evidence demonstrating the global importance of callipygians. Anatomically butts are the two rounded portions located on the posterior of the pelvic region. These are composed of fat superimposed on the muscles called gluteus maximus and gluteus medius. Butts are considered as those secondary sexual characters which distinguish the female body type from male. Estrogen is responsible for storage of fats in thighs, buttocks and hips that makes the female butt more voluminous and round. Such a kind of butts is designated as Brazilian butts. Female butts are characterized by their volume and roundedness. The health of butts is evaluated by their roundedness as the rounded buttocks are considered as the symbols of youthfulness and fertility of women. After knowing the basic details about the buttocks, the thing to ponder is how to manage the butt?

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Butt management

Butt management is the next attention seeker after breast for the female folk of the world. It refers to all the actions taken for maintaining the healthy butts. It ranges from exercises to clothing and diseases to augmentation.


For toned and gorgeous butt, the glutes are needed to be toned by a bunch of exercises.

Adductor squats:

Keeping the foot stance wider than hip width, the back is to be kept straight with a dumbbell in the middle. First the body weight is to be lowered into squat and the start position is regained after holding the position for a while.

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Glute bridges:

  • The first part of this two-step process is to bend the knees, keep the feet flat, while lying down on the back and placing the weight on the pelvic area.
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  • The second step includes tightening the core and raising the hips off the floor. Now giving hips, a thrust as high as possible into the air and squeezing the butt at the top, but the shoulders are to be kept on the ground. In the process of lowering the hips, they should not touch the ground.

Donkey Kicks:

By keeping the core tight and back flat, one leg is to be raised and kept at 90 degrees. The leg is to be raised high in the air and the back is to be lowered again. Switch the leg.

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Kettlebell mountain climbers:

In push-up position, keeping the hands on kettlebell and the feet hip-distance apart, brace the core and keep the hips down in line with the rest of the body. Drive one knee high inwardly toward the chest. Return back and switch legs.

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Curtsy lunge:

Keep the whole body weight on one of the foot while keeping the feet hip-width apart, take a step back with other leg. While bending the knees, lower the body straight down till the front thigh gets parallel to the floor and finally bent the knees at 90 degrees. The vital point is to keep the core tight. Return and repeat with the other leg.

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Medicine ball squats:

Hold a medicine ball in the fully extended hands in the front of body just at the level of shoulders and full squats are to be performed.

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Pain in the butt

The pain in the buttocks is termed as butt pain. Butt pain has ca cascade of causative factors from piriformis, shingles, bursitis, etc. to herniated disc, sciatica, arthritis and cancer.

It is a usual practice to be ignorant to the pain in the butt or to start stretching the legs and back with a view to activate the butt muscles. All the contributing as well as the aggravating and reliving factors are required to be pondered upon. The pain in the butt is not just a butt pain but it may be an indicator of concomitant diseases such as incontinence, muscle spasm, painful bumps, leg pains, etc.

Types of pain in the butt

Lower butt pain:

This pain occurs in the lower butt due to injury to the tendon(s) attaching the hamstring to the pelvis when the hamstrings are pulled too hardly. This situation is commonly observed in case of yoga practitioners and in situations of improper warming up.

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To solve this problem, the tendons have to undergo healing. One way to this is to increase the blood circulation to the hamstrings by contacting them. The knees are to be bent in the forward bends and then stretched very mildly.

Upper butt pain:

This type of pain occurs in the areas of upper or outer buttocks and has a tendency to resonate downwards to the sides of the legs. Walking and lying on the affected side worsens the condition. It is related to the asymmetrical moving patterns for longer periods of time. It is usually recognized as abductor imbalance occurring due to weakness of abductors.

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Strengthening of abductor muscles in both the moving and stabilizing roles is the need of the hour. The movement of legs outwardly against the gravity and standing on leg are the preferred ways to strengthen the abductors while in motion and in stabilization, respectively.

Central butt pain:

The tightness of piriformis muscles sitting deep into the hips, responsible for the external movement of the butts, cause the pain in the butt. Pressing of sciatic nerves by the piriformis muscles worsens the condition. This very condition is termed as sciatica. The spurs of bones on the vertebrae and the herniated disks may also be the contributing factors. The age-related degenerative changes in the spine is considered as the root cause of the disease.

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The solution for this problem is to contract the nearby muscles, contracting the piriformis and finally stretching the piriformis. While the treatment options may be the anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy and surgery.

Aesthetic enhancement

The aesthetic enhancement of butt can be done either by augmentation or by reduction.

Gluteoplasty refers to both the plastic surgery and the liposuclpture procedures for aesthetic enhancement of buttocks.

Reduction treatments for buttocks

The size reduction methods for buttocks include types of liposuction like lipectomy, either ultrasonic or on-ultrasonic enhancement, which reduces the excess body fat and superficial liposuclpture for the refinement or reshaping.

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Augmentation procedures for buttocks

Gluteal implants:

It is the procedure in which the gluteal implants are emplaced under the muscles called gluteus maximus. This method is most apt for those with excess fat accumulated in lower portion of buttocks, trunk and thighs. This takes 7-8 months for complete healing.

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Brazilian Butt Lift:

Brazilian butt enlargement is the most widely known method for the enlargement of butt. This procedure involves the liposuction and reinjection of patients own fat, harvested from flanks, thighs and abdomen, in the targeted areas following contoured fashion. As the fat is from the host body itself, so it will reduce the possibility of rejection. Due to the self-regulating mechanism, some of the fat is absorbed by the body itself, arising the need to have more sessions of liposuction. It is also known as Brazilian butt lift. It is more acceptable among the masses.

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Body contouring:

This method combines both procedures of Gluteoplasty and liposuction for the buttock enlargement of the people undergoing massive weight loss. It involves rearrangement and enhancement of both the pertinent muscles and fat tissues of gluteal region. It removes the excess sagging skin at the buttocks.


It is intended to improve the shoulder-to-hip ratio along with waist.

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Buttock injections:

Some of the women adopt the procedure of buttock injection for the enhancement of butt. It is the procedure that involves the application of fillers for the augmentation of butts. But some clinicians state that it gets troublesome in certain cases. So this procedure should be undertaken only by the medical advice.

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Make your butt attractive cautiously.