Effective Methods for Birth control

Nowadays, there are various birth control or contraception methods available which are used by couples for an effective family planning. Although, birth control methods are being used since ancient times, but they weren’t that much safe and hygienic. Thankfully, now we have a sound knowledge and technology to tackle this in a safer and a much better way. We see a lot of teenagers falling into the trap of pregnancy because of their ignorance and lack of knowledge. Also, adults who don’t indulge in safe sex are looking for fertility control methods for controlling pregnancy.

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If you are searching for birth control methods, use the following pointers which will definitely act as your helping hand because only you can decide what’s best for you:



In barrier method, barriers are used to block the sperm from reaching to the uterus and fertilizing eggs. There are some method which also prevent you from sexually transmitted diseases.

A) Condoms for Male and Female

A very common method that is not only useful for birth control, but also prevents the chance of STD diseases and infections too. The condoms are available for both men and women, however male condoms are more popular as compared to women condoms. You can easily buy male condoms from pharmacies, grocery stores and sexual health clinics at a very affordable price.

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Male condom

It is made up of the thin tube of latex generally, which can be easily rolled over the penis to restrict the entrance of sperms in vagina.

Female condom

The female condoms are also as like men’s condom and fits inside the vagina to block the sperm entrance.


  • Condoms are inexpensive .
  • Provide effective protection from STD’s and HIV.


  • Most of the users complain that condoms reduce sensitivity and also may break during intercourse.
  • Females feel awkward in placing condoms and some users have an allergic reaction to the material used in making condoms that is Latex.

B) Contraceptive sponge

Contraceptive sponge is a plastic foam which has spermicide. It has a round shape and fits into the vagina to kill or restrict the sperm. You can also buy it as over the counter precaution from pharmacies and grocery store. To avail its benefits, you have to leave it in vagina for at least 6 hours after the sex.

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  • It can be left in the vagina for 24 hours and you can do multiple intercourse during this period.
  • It should be left for 6 hours after intercourse to prevent pregnancy.


  • This method increases the chances of toxic shock syndrome.
  • Responsible for developing the sensitivity or allergic reaction to spermicide.
  • Some users also find it uncomfortable to leave it in the vagina for 6 hours.

C) Cervical Cap

Cervical Cap is also called FemCap. It comes in a soft and flexible rubbery cup which is made by silicone. You need to fit it around the cervix to block the entry of sperms into the Uterus. It is available in medical clinic.

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  • It is safe to use and leave no hormonal effects on your body.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • The cervical cap can be used left for 48 hours and you can do multiple intercourse acts during this period.
  • Easy to carry and reusable.


  • It must be fitted by a doctor
  • Provide no prevention against STDs
  • Can’t be used at the time mensuration
  • Can cause the problem of urinary tract infections and cervical changes

D) Diaphragm

It is a soft shallow, dome-shaped cup with a flexible disk. Diaphragm is made by the silicone material that you need to place into the vagina. It works well in preventing the chances of pregnancy by blocking the sperms to join it with eggs. It works in two ways that are by blocking uterus or by stopping the moment of spermicide.

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  • Can be used at the time of breastfeeding
  • No side effects on woman’s hormones
  • Not hinder your sexual pleasure
  • Easy to carry


  • Some women found it difficult to insert
  • Should be fitted by a doctor
  • Can’t be used at the time of the period as it increases the chance of toxic shock syndrome
  • Women also complain for the vaginal irritation and frequent urinary tract infection problem


In hormonal method, birth control are used to prevent the women body to release egg. If your body not ovulate then you can’t get pregnant. Different variety of methods such as pills, ring and patches are used in hormonal contraception.

A. Oral contraceptives

The oral pills comprises of estrogen and progestin that works well in preventing the ovaries to release eggs. It inhibits the female fertility by blocking the entrance of sperms in the uterus. Different types of birth control pills are available so that you should consult the doctor before buying it.

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  • Beneficial for those women who don’t like other birth control methods like insertion and implant.
  • Useful for reducing the problem of cramp during period
  • No interruption during intercourse.


  • No protection against HIV or Sexually transmitted infections
  • May delay your mensuration cycle
  • Women who smoke or having a family history of problem like heart diseases, obesity, etc. should avoid using it or consult the doctor if you want to start with it.

B) The patch

The patch is also recognized by its brand name Ortho Evra. Patch comes in small square shape like a Band-Aid and placed in the body areas like buttocks, outer arm, lower abdomen or upper body. It sticks to the skin and release estrogen and progestin hormones. These hormones affect the woman’s fertility by stopping the ovaries to produce eggs.

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  • Effective method of birth control, but you need to change it once a week.
  • Most of the users feel it comfortable to use


  • Leave mild negative effects such as headaches, breast tenderness, obesity, nausea, etc.

C) Shot/ Injections

A birth control injection or shot (Also called Depo-Provera) which is injected in women arm or butt in every three months to prevent pregnancy. The injection contains progestin hormones that restrict the ovaries to release eggs so that you can’t get pregnant.

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  • 99% effective in preventing pregnancy


  • Some users find the problems of headache, nausea, depression, acne, loss of bone density, hair loss and more.

D) Vaginal Ring

Vaginal Ring also known by the brand name NuvaRing. It’s a small, flexible ring placed in the vagina, which is again produces the progestin and estrogen hormones in the body. These hormones prevent you to get pregnant by stopping ovulation and making your uterine lining and cervical mucus thick.

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  • Offer effective protection for three weeks
  • Not noticeable during sex


  • If you smoke or have a history of diabetes, blood clots, high blood pressure, etc. then you should avoid using it.
  • It may leave side effects such as headaches, dizziness, vaginal bleeding, etc.


In implantable method, some types of devices are used to insert into the woman’s body. These devices are left for a few years to prevent pregnancy.

A) Implant rode

Implant is a small half size of tube which is inserted under your upper arm by an experienced doctor. It releases the hormones called progesterone in the body which affect the ovulation process and also makes cervical mucus harder to block the sperm.

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  • Works for 3 years and not interrupt in your sexual pleasure
  • Safe while you are breastfeeding mothers
  • Can be removed any time


  • It has some side effects such as weight gain, acne, breast tenderness, back pain, etc.
  • May disrupt your mensuration cycle
  • Leads to problems such as weight gain, acne, breast tenderness.

B) Intrauterine devices or IUDS

These are the small “T” shaped device which is inserted in the uterus to inhibit fertility. The devices are available in two types that are:-

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I. Hormonal IUD

In hormonal IUD, T shape device is inserted into the uterus, which releases progestin hormones that causes the thickness of cervical mucus to stop the sperm to reach the egg and also restrict the production of eggs from the ovaries. It can be left in the uterus for up to 5years.

II. Copper IUD

Copper IUD is a small T shaped instrument which is inserted into the uterus by the doctor. It produces small amount of copper in the uterus that block sperms from reaching to the fertilizing eggs. This UD can stay for 5 to 10 years in the uterus.

Pros of IUD’s:

  • Can be used for long time like a hormonal IUD for 5 and copper IUD for 5 to 10 years

Cons of IUD’s:

  • The IUD’s can only place by a doctor
  • Stop your mensuration cycle or sometime causes heavy period and cramps.

4. Emergency Contraception pills

This is a very common method used by the women when they have unprotected vaginal intercourse to prevent the chances of pregnancy. If you have accidently forgotten to take your birth control pill then emergency Contraception pills are the best option for you. Emergency pill is a single dose treatment that effectively works in preventing pregnancy without having so many side effects. But these pills are not safe for regular use. Take emergency pills as soon as possible within 72 hours after having unprotected sex. You can easily buy it from medical store without prescription.

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There are permanent birth control methods are also available which are beneficial for those who are sure that they don’t want more children or don’t want child in future. If you want to go for it, then a word with your doctor is advisable.

The above methods will surely protect you from the risk of unplanned pregnancy. Most of the methods need prescription therefore it is good to consult your doctor before using any type of birth control method.