Celleral Eye Gel : Fast escape from Aging

Celleral Eye Gel :- The subtle subcutaneous fatty tissue in the eye skin makes it incredibly thin thus picking a cosmetic for the eyes is a tough job. Aging makes the task even more difficult but Celleral Eye Gel claims to help you maintain the youth of your eyes. Find out everything in depth about this gel here.

What is Celleral Eye Gel?

Celleral Eye Gel is an exclusively online eye solution that’s sold via a trial method and is shipped from Scottsdale.

Claimed to be among the best and fast absorbing eye formulas that block aging damage on the thin eye skin instantly, Celleral Eye Gel is among the best selling luxury items of initial 2016. The official website states that the gel is dermatologist tested with ingredients that have shown potent and verifiable results through non-sponsored studies.

Results that the official website claims include:

  • Decline of dark circles up to 85%
  • Removal of eye puffiness up to 78%
  • Development of skin texture up to 92%

How do these results help with countering aging on the eye skin?

The results include reduction in not just the visibility or appearance of the marks the surround the eye skin due to aging but also the depth of wrinkles and the extension of spots. Puffiness usually appears when the eyes are not relaxed or the skin around the eyes is strained. Other factors like lack of a sleeping routine or not getting enough sleep and smoking a lot also aggravate the damage. But the gel claims to soothe the irritation and assist the skin tissue in easy and quick repair. It further claims to develop higher water retention so the skin remains well hydrated.

Skin texture is developed by the rise in elasticity as the ingredients enable collagen production too. Since aging signs around the eyes primarily hurt the appearance, Celleral Eye Gel promises to assist in rejuvenating the youth.

What are the ingredients? How does the gel work?

The central Celleral Eye Gel ingredients include Regu-age, DuPont Glypure, Syn-Coll and Pronalen Fruit Acids.

The gel works by combining the above listed active ingredients and with each ingredient combating a specific sort of aging damage, the gel functions.

DuPont Glypure helps by boosting cellular activity. Since it gets soaked inside the skin fast, it helps in keeping the stratum corneum healthy by enabling moisture retention. The major function and benefit of this ingredient is that it combats drying or flaking of the skin which women with dry skin type often face with aging. DuPont Glypure helps in boosting natural smoothness, radiance of skin. Via dermal matrix compound development and initiation of collagen synthesis, skin elasticity grows.

Regu-Age helps in limiting the visibility and growth of dark circles. It not only prevent the circles from growing but also helps in keeping the skin well moisturized. Contains special soy and rice peptides along with yeast protein that are developed biotechnologically, Regu-Age is a proven ingredient for countering dark circles, puffiness and even strengthens eye skin.

Syn-Coll (Palmitoyl Tripeptide 5) assists by keeping the synthesis of collagen active within skin thus working against aging by keeping elasticity of skin high.


What are users saying about Celleral Eye Gel?

According to the official website, 10 out of 10 women confirmed that they appeared much younger and less exhausted after using this gel. 9 out of 10 women stated that they noticed a phenomenal reduction in puffiness under their eyes. 8 out of 10 women said that they noticed their eyes to be much younger and free of wrinkles and lines.

We spoke with the customer representative of Celleral Eye Gel regarding the results and testimonials that were posted on the website. We wanted to check the authenticity so we asked for in person information of the user (to be really honest, we weren’t hoping to get a reply). The representative confirmed all the results as true but mentioned that due to a certain privacy policy, the personal information of the users can’t be disseminated for commercial or other purpose so we couldn’t get to speak with women who had provided testimonials for the Celleral Eye Gel website and brochure.

We posted online calling for women who had used this gel to come forward and share their experience and we got surprisingly active response through the call. We spoke with 5 women extensively about their experience while 12 others left their experience details and before and after photograph. We didn’t find any woman who wouldn’t recommend using the gel and all the women we got in touch with confirmed their recommendation.

What skin type is it for? Can you use it with makeup? What is the best way of using it?

Women with normal and dry skin type will benefit from using Celleral Eye Gel the most.

Yes, Celleral Eye Gel can be used with makeup but make sure that it has been well absorbed inside the skin before you put on eye makeup.  Avoid using too close to the eyes and keep the eyes closed until it is well absorbed.

Women sensitive and acne prone skin are recommended to consider a patch test.

The best way of using it is overnight since it helps in limiting puffiness. As the body rests, the skin also rejuvenates so applying it at night really helps. If you are running late and had only few hours to sleep then you can apply the gel to get quick relief from puffiness and eye bags.

Is it recommended?

Yes, our team recommends using the gel as it not only works as it claims but is also great for keeping the eye bags at bay. A dash of Celleral Eye Gel under the eyes and it starts working within five minutes!

We took out trials ourselves and it turned out pretty effective for our team during the one week trial period. Based on our positive experiences, the vast recommending testimonials and low cost, we recommend using Celleral Eye Gel.