Celleral Eye Serum : How to Get Supple Skin and Relief From Aging

Celleral Eye Serum promises to be a god sent gift for women dealing with wrinkles. But is your money worth it? How long will you need to use it? Had it received any real recommendations so far? Find out everything that our experts have to say on the serum along with excerpts from real reviews.

What is Celleral Eye Serum?

Sold only online, the serum is packed in a sleek white tub bottle with bold typography in black and silver stating Celleral, Intensive Anti-Aging Serum. The only size available is 30 ml and is available through a trial offer that only costs $4.95 for the first two weeks. Post the trial period, buyers are supposed to make the full payment for the cream unless they have cancelled (also within the trial period).

Celleral Eye Serum claims to develop natural radiance and provide visual and internal relief from the process of aging.

What does the serum claim to do?

The official website of Celleral Eye Serum terms the formula as revolutionary. It claims it assists in regeneration of the skin layers and skin cells and further improves barrier against aging. Adding that the formula has an advanced absorption formula, Celleral Eye Serum further promises to get inside the skin and protect the loss of collagen internally.

Celleral Eye Serum pitches a four way output for the skin through:

  • Diminished wrinkles (Via use of patented ingredients that control wrinkle size and lift the skin)
  • Limit the damage of stress (reduce free radical cells’ damage via developing immune boosters for the skin cells)
  • Softening of the skin texture (via use of ingredients that work to soothe the skin surface of roughness and damage)
  • Repairing of the skin (through essential antioxidants that helps in boosting natural barrier)

Claiming to be better than Botox, the serum states that regular application will yield 87% higher moisture for the skin along with 61% development in micro wrinkles and 46% better elasticity.

What ingredients does Celleral Eye Serum contain? How does it work?

Made with face firming peptides, the serum is stated to be a blend of scientifically proven ingredients that are patented and have undergone several studies. The first primary ingredient is Gatuline In-Tense which helps in lifting the skin. It triggers better functions of the fibroblasts so more elastin and collagen is produced. It further aids in keeping the skin density and strength enhanced so roughness doesn’t hurt the skin surface.

Another vital ingredient is Trylagen PCB which works as an all rounder for the skin. It is great for boosting collagen synthesis, limiting enzymatic destruction of the collagen fibril dimensions and enabling better moisture retention within skin cells.

What are users saying about Celleral Eye Serum?

Martha Craig who is 42 said that she was thrilled to have found this serum! Martha added that she had used so many creams and serums out there but never really had any dramatic or visible results. Martha terms Celleral Eye Serum not only effective and really helpful in removing her facial lines but also really affordable.

Tara Logue, 47, said that she got to know about Celleral Eye Serum through a friend and when she began applying it, it surpassed her expectations. She added that she wasn’t expecting many results but went on with the trial since she already had it but within just a week, she could notice brilliant results.

Numerous other women above the age of 40 have gone onboard with their results and we got to speak with many of them. We mailed the Celleral Eye Serum customer service mail id about the authenticity of the testimonials they had posted and they provided us with the weekly result and change proof of the women. We also got several other women to provide us information about their experience and they confirmed that Celleral Eye Serum worked without irritating their skin one bit.

More than a dozen women commented on our forum discussion post about their positive changes and that they would recommend it. We did manage to find few women who had oily skin and felt that it wasn’t well suited to their skin type. If we segregate the testimonials by the skin type then it would be safe to conclude that Celleral Eye Serum is indeed a proven solution for women with dry and normal skin type.


Will it affect your pores or skin oil balance if you are oily or acne prone skin?

The serum is concentrated but the ingredients are very good at maintaining healthy balance of moisture. However, in case of sensitive and acne prone skin, it is best to check through a patch test.

Is it better than Botox and surgical options?

No definitive study has been done comparing the results of Celleral Eye Serum and the surgical solutions. However, applying the serum has seemingly low risk magnitude compared to the surgical options where the post operative care, overall costs and pain is high.

The inclusion of patented ingredients that boost internal health of the skin cells is also what makes the serum a better solution.

What are the side effects?

We didn’t find any negative effects of Celleral Eye Serum.

What you may not like about the serum?

A luxury skin care product, Celleral Eye Serum is priced at almost $90 so the cost is likely to put some women off. But the trial option allows women to get it for free for the first 14 days and further choose to pay or not pay (return) the product based on their results.

Is it recommended?

A daily wear eye product, Celleral Eye Serum is great for maintaining suppleness of the skin. Using it in morning and evening really soothes the irritation and keeps eye bags and eye wrinkles formation and visibility low.

Our experts also found the ingredients and their potency levels to be suitable for normal and dry skin type. Yes, we recommend using this serum as it has already found a vast foothold in the online market. Proven results make it a preferred option too.