Delight in Disguise : Hidden Sex Toys

You won’t like it if your family members (especially kids) find something X-rated objects in your handbag. You can clearly recall the awkwardness of the moment when your mom found a vibrator in your nightstand drawer. And surely, you won’t like it to happen again!

There’s a good option for all the lovely ladies who want to have some fun without getting caught. These clever sex toys are brimming with pleasure, and yet are discreet. So, to deliver you extreme pleasure, the cutesy little things went incognito. Check out the list of such secretive things which do the purpose without getting caught.

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1. Single speed vibrator shrouded as a lipstick

Even if someone goes on a quick inspection of your handbag, it’ll be nearly impossible for him to suspect the lipstick. A little thing which so much proper!

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2. The necklace cum sleek vibrator

A multi-functional and deceptive piece of jewelry that promises you the ultimate pleasure. A vibrator which doubles up into an elegant looking neck piece. The best part of this thingy is that it is available in three colors so that it can match your outfit. And for the convenience, it gets charged from a USB port. What else do you need?

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3. Couple vibrator as a home decor

Enjoy the seven minutes of heaven without fearing your in-laws. This dual action couple stimulator can easily be passed off as a home décor object. It also packs the hands-free feature to double up your joy. This vibrator doesn’t discriminate on the basis of gender, both men and women can draw pleasure from this single object.

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4. Massage oil candles

Massage candles are doubly equipped with a function of decorating your abode as well as fulfilling your hot wax fantasies. The wax is so designed that it melts at the room temperature leaving behind the massage oils which can be used to massage any part of the body you want.

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5. Egg-male stimulator

This harmless package sets a new definition for beating your eggs. Each of the 6 eggs in Tenga egg-6 pack promises to bring you ultimate pleasure, with each egg holding different textures and features. All you need to do is, open the egg, put some lubricant inside and GO! No need to stain your hands anymore for pleasing your manhood.

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6. Diamond vibrator

So true it is… diamonds are a woman’s best firend. And this best friend is doing his job excellently. It is a simplified for clitoral stimulation. This is a perfect maneuver for any Woman who is not into self penetration. It has different texture and patterns on different edges. It is well equipped with three different speeds and 7 vibrating modes. Just one button, and it does it all!

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7. Vibrator camouflaged as magic 8-ball

With looks so illusory, this amazing device can easily be kept unseen without other people coming to know about it. It has two distinctive sides which showers its users with two different sensations. The best feature about this vibrator is that it is 100% waterproof. So a little oral session in the bath tub isn’t a bad idea.

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