Easy Exercises to Increase Breast Size

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In the U.S., around 250,000 to 300,000 women lay themselves under the knife to have breast augmentation surgery!

This well researched fact and your nodding heads clearly underline the fact that a big percentage of women believe in the saying that “More is always better” (wink-wink). The tight fitting bras, various breast enhancing lotions & potions or even the thought of going for a breast enhancing surgery may have haunted the deep corners of your mind several times, but the involvement of risk factor must have pulled you back.

I can very well understand the thirst of women of having a sexy, busty upper region. Here’s how you can get big breasts like Tara Reid, Pamela Anderson and Angelina Jolie (obviously without opting for any kind of surgery) by following few simple exercises!

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#Push Ups

This form of exercise can be practiced by placing all your fours on the floor. Put your palms slightly wider than your shoulders and your feet close together. After forming this straight line, lower down your head towards the floor. Keep your upper arms in 45 degree angle, pause and then push yourself back to the starting point.

push up


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Minimum Reps: 10 pushups with 90 seconds rest are enough to serve your cause.

Additional Benefits: It not only helps in the providing a desired shape to your breasts, but it also helps in building your upper body strength and strong muscle mass.

Pros: It works as a full body workout and it does not require the use of any equipment.

Cons: If performed incorrectly, then the overall benefit of this technique gets reduced and added to it, it does not provide your body with any cardio benefit.

NOTE: This form of exercise is also practiced for decreasing your breast size. However, if you are doing it for increasing your breast size, then you must perform this on a regular basis and must seek a professional expert of your doctor to follow it in a proper manner.

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#Dumbbell Bench Press

For the follow up of this exercise, you must first lie on a bench with your face facing in an upward direction, your arms stretched in a straight position and a dumbbell in your each hand. Now, bring the dumbbells close to the sides of your breast by lowering your hands and then, taking them back up to the starting position.


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Minimum Reps: Perform 10 reps regularly to gain effective results.

Additional Benefits: Apart from making your breasts appear bigger in size, it ensures the proper functioning of your limbs, strengthening the tops and fronts of your shoulders and ensuring the proper functioning of your abdominal muscles.

Pros: It helps in increasing your body size and strength and work towards the activation of your lower chest.

Cons: By limiting it to your pectoralis portion, there is a less chance for the activation of other body muscles.

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#Dumbbell Fly

You can practice this form of exercise by lying flat on a bench with your face facing upwards and keeping your feet flat on the floor. Now, hold the dumbbells in your hands, placing them above your shoulders and bringing a slight bent in your elbows. Now, keep lowering the weight until you reach to an equal level with your chest. Try to maintain the same bent in your elbows, while taking the weights back to their original position.


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Minimum Reps: With the regular practice of 10 reps with a 90 seconds rest can benefit you in actual terms.

Additional benefits: It provides a good increase to your breasts and also work towards the shaping up of your pectorals and keeping them flexible. It even provides a good stretch to your body.

Pros: It helps in making your body stretchable because of its good streching techniques.

Cons: Well, you will feel glad to know that there are no such side-effects or cons of this exercise (as per my research).

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# Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

This exercise can be done by placing yourself on an adjustable bench with a low incline (say about 15-30 degrees) and keeping your feet flat on the floor. Hold dumbbells above your shoulder level with your arms straight. Now, bring the weights down to your breast side, pause and then, take them up back to their starting point.



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Minimum Reps: Doing 10 reps of this exercise without any pause can serve as a great help for your reduced breast size.

Additional Benefits: It also helps with the improvement of your muscle’s size, strength and endurance.

Pros: It helps in strengthening of your chest muscles, upper arms, triceps and front and tops of your shoulder.

Cons: It may lead to the reverse effects, if not followed as per the given directions, thus causing a serious muscle injury.

Bonus Tip: These workouts cannot turn your breast’s cup size from A to B or even beyond, but these can surely add an oomph factor to your boob’s appearance!

MUST DO: These exercises must be performed under the strict guidance of a health professional as it includes the burden of weights. You must also try to go for the lift up of heavy weights, but remember not to overdo it!

So, ladies fasten your seat belts and ride on to the berth of challenging yourself and your hidden strength to land onto the platform of sexy boobs!