Eat & Lose Weight!

The agony of tearing myself apart from that sugar coated apple pie and fudge cake has haunted me always. Is this me only or does it happen to you as well? My daughter had planned for a surprise party for her dad (My husband) on his 50th birthday and she wanted me to put on my wedding gown.

Surprisingly, I  was too excited with this idea, but  the dress was two sizes smaller .. It must have shrunk, I told my daughter lets buy a similar one, my doll gave a look  of disappointment and that’s what no mother can take. So, guys this was my motivation to go for a diet plan initially and I honestly tried very hard but somehow fasting and then again hogging like a pig every weekend made no difference at all. My will to do it for my doll made me go to a dietician and I started with;  whatever it is you must understand I cannot stay away from food! Still remember, his handsome face and pleasant smile and the magical words sweet like honey- who said you have to stay away from food! I am here to tell you To eat and lose weight, that is what I am good at!

Astonished yet relieved ! Now , that I know the secrets  which came to me at a cost I wanted to share it with you all. Here we go!!

Eat and lose weight – that is the mantra! My doc gave me a list of foods that I can eat and enjoy without worrying about adding extra pounds. Amazingly, there are a list foods that help you in losing weight, you don’t have to crib and starve you can eat lots of proteins, carbohydrates and tasty veggies along with rich nuts.The beauty of this whole thing is that you can have sweets like dark chocolates too, that helps you remain healthy.Have tried to categorize the weight losing foods for you to help you pick and choose your own diet plan.

eat and lose weight


#Vegetables That Help in Weight Loss

Eating right  is the key, so deciding what is right for you depends on your body condition and medical condition too.Here we have provided you a list and you can pick and choose your own diet plan.


The beautiful Green flower shaped broccoli is one of the Superfoods that help you keep away chronic diseases, builds up your immunity and makes you healthier as it is kind of a nutritional powerhouse, am sure you do know that broccoli is rich in calcium and fiber with huge water content , so if you eat it regularly apart from taste you are supplying your body with organic calcium that makes you strong and fiber that helps your body to remain toxin free and increases metabolic activities that results in weight loss- that sounds great !

Eating broccoli boiled with sesame oil dressing , salads with nuts is delicious , you can cook it with mushrooms and olive oil too. Try methods that suit your taste.



Green leafy vegetable that can be eaten raw as in salads or you can have soup of the same , this round and curvy vegetable are rich in antioxidants and is a rich source of vitamin C too , which makes it a must have thing. Cabbage can be cooked with proteins or just steamed a little to make it tender and eaten with peas. Cabbage raw, with apple tar or vinegar dressing tastes best, try these and keep eating more this will not harm you or add any pounds, don’t worry!



The pretty cream flower that is so sweet that people love to eat it raw only,this nutrition packed vegetable is loved by all. The best part is that it has phytonutrients in it that help in fighting cancer. It is rich in antioxidants and is also a rich source of vitamin C. This is not all this vegetable has folate and potassium too in good amount  to keep you healthy and fit. You can eat it raw or nibble on a little steamed vegetable with pepper, vinegar or sauce. The choice is all yours.




Green leaves of lettuce, add crunch and also a lot of heat to your platter. The calorie count here is almost nil and it is rich in vitamin B, folic acid and manganese, which are all important for a healthy balanced body form. To make it interesting do choose from purple colored to light and dark green leaves and layer them with olive oil and vinegar. Lettuce leaves are good and increase immunity of your body system.




Rich in potassium, packed with sulphur and folic acid these colored and tender vegetables are great in salads. Radishes can be white, pink and purple too sometimes, you slice and add these to salad generally to add extra water content too to your diet food. The leaves alone carry rich Vitamin C along with moderate quantities of calcium which makes it the favorite. Don’t forget to add radish slices to your chicken and cucumber salad along with vinegar that makes it easily digestible as it has rich fiber. So, obviously a great choice for diet.




Rich in iron and Vitamin K, Vitamin B and antioxidants along with having beta carotene makes it a must have for kids as well as adults.Spinach boosts energy and helps you to keep eye diseases at bay which are age related. Spinach can be used raw shredded or as salad dressings in place of lettuce for someday.




This vegetable is sweet and refreshing as it has huge water content in it along with some essential vitamins that help you keep healthy.Munching on to cucumbers every now and then help you fight your hunger pangs and also help you remain calm &healthy.

Benefits of a Cucumber Diet-03



Eating salads is the best way to reduce weight. You can add healthy oil along with vinegar and lot many vegetables to your salad platter to make it tasty as well as much more healthier.  With the above mentioned vegetables along with some protein sources and dressing make salads, mouth watering, so guys try the combinations and check what platter satisfies your taste buds.



#Vegetable Purees

Making vegetable purees like cauliflower puree and using it in place of cheese in dishes will help you reduce the calorie count and reduce the intake of cheat foods that make you fat. So this is the best way to enjoy a taste without compromising on your health.





Kale is mostly called wild cabbage, the leaves of the vegetable contain vitamins and lot many chemicals that help you in lowering your cholesterol and not to mention the high fiber that helps you in digestion and detoxification an important part of weight loss.



#Fruits for weight Loss.

Now, let’s make a list of fruits that you can munch on and they will  speed up your weight loss program.


Grapefruit is packed with vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and also pectin – a soluble fiber that works against atherosclerosis. We have a variety of colors in grapefruit and pink and red grapefruits are rich in vitamin A as well as have a special chemical lycopene that acts on arterial walls against oxidative damages. You must pick and choose the juiciest ones to enjoy maximum benefits.




Apples come in variety and they are great sources of Vitamin C, antioxidants and rich in minerals too, apples, although lie other fruits are not loaded with minerals and vitamin benefits, but it is low in sodium and fat so this serves as the best diet food. Low sodium does not allow water retention in the body and thus makes you less bloated. Apple apart from weight loss helps you have a healthy heart and reduces your cholesterol levels.




Sweet as a pear is what we always hear yet not all of us do know that pears are sweet, but so rich in fiber that they can be your best friends in diet control. The gritty fiber in the pear  helps our colon part to control growths of cancerous cells. This fruit is rich in minerals, antioxidants, making it all the more wanted.




Blueberry diet is now a days a rage to lose belly fat,  this fruit has an amazing effect over belly fat and the antioxidants & vitamins in the fruit make it all the more worth. This fruit not only helps you with weight loss, but this acts as an antigen agent keeping your skin supple and hydrated.




Pomegranate is one of the hottest choices when you want a weight loss diet plan. This fruit has thick skin and has a small ruby like pearls inside in groups with smaller seeds in it. The sweet juice and the seeds together give you fiber, vitamins, iron and antioxidants that lower your cholesterol levels, reduce  belly fat,act as your anti aging solution and also boosts your immune system.



#Goji Berries

Goji berries are best for people who cannot control hunger and tend to eat more, this fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins. The nutrients in  this fruit help in stopping your hunger pangs, the fiber makes you eat less as you feel full. This fruit acts on fat storages and burns them out and promotes lean muscle. Low in sugar and calories this fruit is best to eat.




Avocados are rich in vitamin c, vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium and niacin. This fruit is rich in fiber and has a fat content too. Due to its fat content people think that it is not good if you are trying to lose weight, but I must add that it has good fat in it that help you to be healthy and dissolve and push the bad fat out. This is healthy and must be taken once a day to get the perfect results.



#Weight loss Proteins

Proteins are super foods for weight loss and proteins are known as body building blocks,the most vital part of your diet is your protein intake. So, fiends lets have a look at these super weight loss foods that are amazingly healthy and help you lose the flab.

weight loss protein



Especially black beans are best when it comes to weight loss, we all know proteins help in building muscle not fat, so you must know that black beans are a pure source of protein with almost nil saturated fats that makes it the best to lose weight.


Eggs as we all know are also a healthy source of protein, but the best part of eating eggs is that you feel less hungry after having these and this makes you munch on lesser things and reduces your calorie intake by 400 calories per day – which automatically pushes weight loss.This has been proved by studies!


Brimming with fiber, lentils make the best diet food as they satiate your hunger and reduces your appetite, pushing you to eat less and thus weight loss. Lentils also help you reduce cholesterol and make you healthier.

#Wild Salmon

You lose weight by burning more calories than you put in so there comes salmon- this is a lean fat protein that helps you eat healthy and also reduces your calorie intake making you lose weight in a healthier way.


Meat is the best source of protein and every weight loss program includes lots of protein intake, as we all know proteins take lots of energy to get digested, so it is always suggested to eat proteins and make our system work harder so that the energy is consumed more causing weight loss. The trick is to select the lean portions of meat when it comes to weight loss. Meat also has other benefits like it is rich in iron, zinc and vitamin B.


Fish is also the form of protein as this has less amount of fats and is high in fish oils that are good for skin,hair and also help in increasing your immunity and strength. Fish is considered as the best diet for growing children.


Chicken is another form of lean protein and has essential nutrients too, so this too is best to be included in your diet plan, it helps you lose weight as this has very less percentage of fats compared to other foods.


Tofu is made from soya beans, which is the richest source of protein, this is also a very good protein source for vegetarians being involved in their diet plan.

#Spices and Herbs that Help in Weight Loss

Recent studies have proven that some spices and seeds that are traditionally used in cooking and baking are very good and active weight loss catalysts. So here is the list:


Quinoa seeds help in satiating your hunger pangs and if taken in appropriate quantity help in weight loss by controlling hunger.

#Chia Seeds

Chia seeds can be taken as pudding and definitely if soaked and eaten can act as laxatives too, they can give you 40% of your daily fiber and thus help in weight loss by cleansing and adding more fiber to your diet.


Chilies are power packed vegetables that increase your metabolic rate, this fact contributes to its chemical composition which converts some your food immediately into heat and thus contributes to weight loss.


cheese helps in weight loss, the fact is that this cheese comes with only 22% of fat and rest is all protein plus it is the richest source of calcium.Controlled portions help you lose weight and stay healthy.


Tarragon is a peppery herb and is commonly found in America, it is used to spice up dishes and is a rich source of iron, which helps in oxygen supply throughout the body, inducing metabolic activity and thus weight loss.

#Black Pepper

 Black pepper like chilly helps in weight loss too.

#Hot Red Pepper

Hot red pepper also has the same chemical reaction that produces heat by burning carbohydrates and fat levels thus inducing weight loss.


Cinnamon is known to increase glucose metabolism and reduces blood sugar, which helps in weight loss too.



#Weight Loss Drinks and Liquids

Keeping oneself hydrated is the key to remain healthy. We all know that the human body is 70% of water and fluids are an important part of any diet program too. Taking right fluids in the right amount is the key and what all can you guys include, without worrying about adding pounds is there in the list.


Foods like soups are less dense in calories and have all the nutrients too. This food item is healthy and fulfilling, keeps you fuller for hours without adding loads of calories to your meal.




if you want to lose weight you must drink water in good quantity, water makes you feel full and less hungry , you tend to eat less and put in lesser calories too , which helps you in losing weight eventually. Water also acts as a cleanser and keeps your system up and running




Yoghurt acts as your flab cutting food, it is amazing to see that how apart from adding to your other health benefits it cuts your belly fat, too. Yoghurt is best as this makes you feel full and this is the best option too, as starving makes you crave for more and you end up eating much.



#Green Tea

Green tea is a much hyped subject when it comes to weight loss and must add that drinking green tea alone will never help you in weight loss. Green tea keeps your calorie count under control and helps you check your hunger pangs too, thus helping you take lesser calories, thus weight loss.



#Fresh Fruit Juices

Fruit juices help you a lot in weight loss, as drinking juices make you full and help you control your diet too.Generally juices are rich in nutrients and help you a lot in maintaining health.

fresh fruit juices on wooden table, on window background



Drinking milk has its own benefits like being calcium rich and vitamin D too, this makes an ideal drink for weight loss, this is best to lose weight without losing health.

Milk and weight loss


#Carbohydrates that Help in Weight Loss

Generally, when we are on a weight loss diet plan, carbohydrates are not included in your chart. But did I tell you guys that carbohydrates are also an important part of your food system, you need to have carbohydrates to keep you running and healthy. Thus nutritionists have come up with options and suggested carb diets that help you in being healthy as well as lose weight.


Popcorns help you get rid of your hunger pangs when you are done with your calorie intake for the day, they do not add calories, but definitely are rich in fiber and good for weight loss management program.


This is the healthiest carb available and eating carbohydrates in the morning meal helps in weight loss, this has been proven through lot many studies. Oats are rich in calcium and fulfilling, this gives you a satiated stomach and thus helps in weight loss.

#Buck Wheat Pasta

Buck wheat must not be confused with any type of grain, it is not from wheat family it is a fruit and is rich in fiber and calcium. Buckwheat is fulfilling and help you satiate your hunger without adding calories to your chart and thus manages weight too.

#Brown Rice

If you replace other carbohydrate rich diets with brown rice you will be having a lesser calorie diet along with protein and fiber benefits. This switch will prove very beneficial and you will eat your carb and not gain pounds too!

#Whole Grain Breads

Whole grain bread is also a better choice, this helps you remain satiated and adds value to your food by adding nutrients and fiber. This choice speeds up your weight loss regime.

carbs weight loss


#Essential Rich Nuts for Weight Loss

Nuts are calorie rich and packed with essential oils and nutrients, which are very beneficial. Nuts can act as your best snacks. Little amount of nuts in your daily food help you not only get all the rich oil benefits, but also curb the hunger outbursts and thus eat less and control weight. This snacking is better than taking any junk.


Best for snacking if you are dieting, rich in vitamins and fiber along with the capacity of curbing your hunger, this is the best.


Walnuts are great sources of vitamins and rich in fiber and protein. They help you lose weight and control diabetes.


Peanuts if taken in moderate amount are good for health, and they kind of act as a healthy snack. Rich in nutrients and packed with energy and good fat.

#Hazel Nuts

Round marble shaped nuts that are rich in vitamin B and B6, hazelnuts are best for your heart health and weight loss. These nuts help you curb your hunger and get the health benefits too a it is gluten free.


Dates are best to be used as sweet dishes when you are dieting and trying to lose weight.They satisfy your taste buds with rich sweet flavor and also are rich in iron and help with weight loss as they curb your hunger and help you eat less.



The most amazing thing which you all did not know was eating chocolates also helps in weight loss.. Amazing!! Well the only thing that you mistake care of is that the chocolate should be a black chocolate and with no sweeteners.. this is the trick and this way you can enjoy munching on chocolates without worrying about your weight management.

The key to weight loss is eating in moderate amounts , whatever it is it should not be hogged but enjoyed!!