Sex During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Fun is something which is not bound to any limitations or restrictions. You can have fun anytime and anywhere. Right? 😉 Yeah, yeah, now, don’t try to act so innocent. I know you have got my point of what kind of fun, I am talking about. Yes, I am talking about Sex! 😛

Sex is a desired and mouth watering platter which is served with different kinds of tastes like sex during your teenage days, first time sex or sex during your pregnancy time. Yes, you read it right, I just said, Sex during your Pregnancy!

sex in pregnancy


I can very well understand the fact that a pregnant woman goes through a turmoil of emotions; sometimes she may feel like craving for sex, sometimes she may not even allow you to touch her breasts or sometimes, she may be spending some pleasurable time with you but, may not be enjoying it the whole. Well, relax, these kinds of mood swings are not only experienced by women. In fact, there are many men who find nothing sexier than a pregnant woman or may sometimes get afraid of hurting their baby or partner just to enjoy sex. So, what category you fall into ladies? 🙂

Well, be it any, I am here to help you out in every possible way. Considering your emotions and queries, let’s deal with the most sensitive topic of Sex during Pregnancy today. Here we go…

# Is It Really Safe?

I can understand the biggest fear which we all go through during pregnancy is that is sex actually safe for the baby? Will it hurt him/her?…Calm down ladies, there’s nothing to fear.

Believe me, you will not hurt the baby by making love. The fact is that, women with low risk and uncomplicated pregnancies can enjoy the pleasures of having sex with their partner. The strong muscles of your uterus, the amniotic sac and thick mucus plug which helps to seal the cervix actually guard you and your baby against the risk of having infections. But, this phase (sex) is restricted to women who have an unfortunate history of miscarriage or are considered weak or sensitive by doctors. More to this, if you are having bleeding or foul-smelling discharge after sex during pregnancy, then, you must immediately rush to your doctor as bleeding may be a sign of some serious problem and discharge may have occurred due to some infection. As far as my advice goes, I would suggest you to have a brief discussion with your doctor before doing anything.

However, if you are already in this progression, then, some of you may have discovered mild uterine contractions while having sex, but just to let you know, it is nothing to worry about as they are generally temporary and harmless.

sex in pregnancy safe



# How to Make it Sound More Safe or Safer?

Be it in any way, whether during pregnancy or just having it normally, sex comes with the risk of developing Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s). You may have often avoided the use of condoms during sex, because as per you, it acts as a disturbance during your pleasurable moments. Isn’t it?

Wake up guys, it’s not a barrier. Rather, it acts as a much required protection which safeguards you against the risk of developing any kind of Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD) or any other infection. As a well-wisher, I would advise for the use of latex condoms whenever you have sex. However, if you are not comfortable with latex, then you can opt for polyurethane male or female condoms.

condoms in sex


# Are you Comfortable Baby? 😉

Well, here you need to ensure the comfort level of both of your babies (your existing baby, that is, your partner and your new coming up baby)!

During the initial stages of pregnancy, you may not find it much difficult to have sex with baby in your belly, but as the belly starts growing, finding a comfortable position for intercourse may become as a challenging task for you. But, do not fear when, I am here. 😛

The most favorite missionary position (man on top) may become difficult to deal with as your pregnancy starts progressing, but, but, but, there’s still a way to enjoy this position without having any discomfort to both of your babies. During your first trimester period, you can practice this position by placing a pillow under you so that you are not flat on your back. And also, make sure your partner supports himself so his weight is not on your abdomen. But, for the ones who are not very much comfortable in this position, can also follow some other creative and new positions:

  • Enjoy side-by-side sex with your partner by letting him bang on from behind. This will help in soothing your penetration levels.
  • Straddle your partner as he lies on his back. This will avoid the risk of having the weight on your abdomen.
  • Support yourself on your knees and elbows and let your partner nail on you from your behind.
  • Lie on your side and be somewhat tilted back with a pillow under your back. This will allow your man to keep his weight off your belly.



You can thank me later on for this as there’s much more to this topic.. 😉

# Wow, Benefits..Really? :O

Sex during pregnancy can lower your blood pressure, can make you feel happier and can even help you sleep better. Amazed? Well, that’s true! Believe it or not but making love during pregnancy paves way to a number of health benefits. A little extra alone time in the cozy arms of your partner can do wonders to your body. Let’s know how…

six benefits of sex in preganancy

  • It improves your orgasm as blood flow intensifies during your pregnancy.
  • Burning up to 50 calories in a hard yet loving work of just 30 minutes is not a bad choice at all! 😛
  • Lowering of blood pressure is also regarded as a major benefit of sex during pregnancy. It further reduces the risk of having complications during your pregnancy.
  • With the release of oxytocin hormone during sex, you can find relief in your pain tolerance by 74%.
  • It even serves as a good option for improving your sleep, increasing your intimacy desires and boosting your happiness.
  • It also helps in speeding up your postpartum recovery, thus increasing the pleasure for both of you.

So what are you waiting for after reading it? Just grab your partner (but in soft manner) in your arms and get laid tonight, thus, uplifting her mood and earning some brownie points for you! 😉