Best Adult or Erotic Movies in Bollywood

Bolllywood movies are based on the mixed plot of feelings like, Maa ka rona-dhona, pyar ka lost and found, and yeah, obviously about the sizzling scenes of romance between the partners. Yes, yes I am coming on it, you guys don’t have patience at all! 😛

In earlier times, the scenes of romance were depicted through the rounds taken around the trees, fluttering of bushes, black bee hovering over some flower or even blossoming up of two red roses. Ahem ahem! This may have been the ‘Golden Era’ of that time, but now, things have evolved to a great extend. Isn’t it guys?

Now, the romance is not restricted to trees, flowers or black bees rather, it is displayed openly through the warmth or heating up of two bodies and such scenes are rated as adult or erotic. As most of us are grown up adults so, we can discuss and understand things well (wink wink). Rushing towards the round table of discussion, let’s analyze the hard and the best work of some of our best adult and erotic Bollywood movies

#Utsav (1984)

It is an adaptation of Sanskrit drama titled ‘Mrichchhakatika’. This movie is about the romance of a courtesan and a poor brahmin man in Ujjain. With great talents like Amjad Khan, Shekhar Suman and Shashi Kapoor, Rekha is playing the lead role of temptress. The movie has bagged a National Film Award for Best Art Direction. But, the erotic factor of this movie has been highlighted very well through bold Rekha Ji.

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#Maya Memsaab (1993)

Pictured on French realist Gustave Flaubert’s ‘Madame Bovary’, this movie features the acting skills of Shah Rukh Khan, Farooq Shaikh, Raj Babbar and Deepa Sahi. Apart from its unique plot, it is remembered for its nude scenes performed between SRK and Deepa, which later resulted in many controversies. Well, this was not expected out from you SRK.

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#Ek Choti Si … Love Story (2002)

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This movie features innocent looking Manisha Koirala in a bold avatar. Adapted from ‘A Short Film About Love’, it is about teenager’s passion and desire for an older neighbor. With bold scenes, smooches, nudity and obviously the talented acting skills of Aditya Seal and Ranvir Shorey, this movie have bagged many controversies.

#Girlfriend (2004)

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Based on the most untouched topic of lesbianism, this movie revolves around the story of a jealous girlfriend who envies her lover taking on a boyfriend for her. With leading roles devoted to Amrita Arora and Isha Koppikar, this movie raised a lot of eyebrows because of such sensitive topic.

#Dev.D (2009)


This is one of the best movies kept safely in the direction bag of Anurag Kashyap. Tackling with the romances of three different kinds of people, the movie has bagged numerous awards and a lot of positive reviews as a token of appreciation. This is, however, categorized as an adult movie because of most of its bold, kissing and nude scenes!

#Nasha (2013)

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Poonam Pandey and boldness are two terms which can never be separated.

It covers the topic of a young boy who falls madly in love with a woman older than her. Thanks to Poonam Pandey, for providing a whole bunch of publicity to her movie with the blend of nudity, kisses and obviously a lot of BOLD scenes!

#B.A. Pass (2013)

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Developed from the short story ‘The Railway Aunty’, this movie depicts the romance of a college-goer with an older aunty and the conspiracy followed later on. Although the plot is very well displayed, but the bolder and nudity scenes have lead to many controversies about this.

Here, we put an end to our discussion. The meeting is over guys, now, you can go and watch these movies.