Sex Positions to Conceive

Tiny legs, small feet, little arms, soft hands, heavy padded bums, cute fingers or an adorable and soothing face..awwww..nobody can ignore such cutie pies..right?

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The feeling of having such lovely little creatures of God in your hands cannot be explained in words. That pleasure or joy is simply beyond words. Want to feel the same amount of happiness in your life? Well, to have such cuties in your arms, you are required to put in a certain amount of hard work between the sheets. Ahem ahem, you know what I mean.

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Yeah, you nailed it right. I am talking about the uhhhhs and ahhhhs of your lady and the come on the screams of your man on bed. 😛 Here I am not only talking about sex, but I am discussing about the ways in which you can fulfill the purpose of your pleasure activity. If you are going well with your partner and you both feel like the right time to have a baby has arrived or; if you have tried hard for the baby and are still deprived from getting any fruitful results to your hard work, then, need not worry as I am here to help you.

I am sure below tips and sex positions will help you in earning fruitful results for your cause.

# Classic or Missionary Position

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This position can not only earn you with deeper penetration but can also make you earn brownie points for yourself. In this position, the woman lies with open legs on the bed with the support of cushions placed under her bottom. Your man lies on top of you taking all his weight on his arms. He then bangs you from the top.

Benefits: It helps you with deeper penetrations by allowing your man taking control of the movements. This intimate position is relaxing as well as stimulating for both thus, allowing you both to embrace and explore each other.

#Doggy Style

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This is a great and most loving position preferred by both the genders to please the their thrust. Isn’t it? 😛

This position demands your woman to balance herself well on all her fours. To feel the intensity and body warmth of your partner, you must try to put more weight towards your partner. Your man on the other side, kneels close behind you holding your butts. (Uhhhhhh getting goose bumps.

Benefits: This position allows for deeper penetrations by opening up of the cervix a little bit more than other positions.

# Reverse Cowgirl

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The best position to explore your man in an up and down direction. After putting so much of hard work, you man can relax in this position by lying on his back. You, ladies can take full advantage of this position by kneeling beside him and facing towards his feet. You can even give an intimate push to your man by moving up and down to the beat of your love. So amazing!

Benefits: This position will not only allow the woman to make the sperms of her man enter directly into her, but, will allow you both with the freedom to touch and explore each other in any manner.

# The Eagle

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Ladieeeesss, it’s now your turn to relax as you simply have to lie on your back. Guys, get ready to bang on your woman by kneeling in front of your partner. You can hold your legs up and enter her sensitive part by keeping her legs apart and holding on to her ankles or thighs while digging deep into her.

Benefits: The deeper you get, the more penetration level arises and this position provides you with the same. More above this, men can enjoy the prime view of all the action from being closely involved in the process.

# The Curled Angel

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Ahhhhhh, how much we all love the extra top scoop of ice cream over the cone! Well, you can enjoy the same pleasure in this position. Curling up on your woman’s side with her knees drawn up can really provide a great intensity to your pleasure. In this way, you will be able to provide your woman with that extra scoop of ice cream.

Benefits: The penetration level becomes quite easy in this position, thus, serving your purpose well. You can even raise the arousal feelings of your partner in this process by playing with her breasts from behind. 😉

# Dig Her From Behind

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The easiest and more intense sex position! You are simply required to grab your women from behind and dig your cock deep inside her vagina. Ladies, even you can support your partner by leaning your bum back towards him while pushing all the pressure on your arms, which are placed on the wall. (I know what you are going through but, control your emotions 😉

Benefits: Thighs are regarded as the hot spots of women by controlling the thrust of your women by placing your hands on her thighs, can really provide her with immense pleasure and thus, can lead to deep penetrations.

 # Grip and Grab Her

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It’s like a roller coaster ride! 😛 In this position, the woman’s bottom is raised up slightly, while the man is on his fours. The women can adjust her position by placing cushions beneath her to support her well during the ride. She can even grip her man by crossing her legs over his waist or bottoms.

Benefits: This is regarded as the great position as it allows the sperms to stay for a long time inside the women, thus, helping in the fertilization. It even allows the women to raise arousal feelings of her partner by moving her toes over his hips and back. 😉

Phew, finally, now you can take some rest after such a deep amount of hard work. 😉

Do remember that the fruitful results of these positions could only be tasted, if you woman stays stationary in these positions for a slightly longer time. So, now, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your partner tonight, so, after 9 months, so can celebrate the grand welcome of your upcoming version. 😛