Sensitivity, Love or Passion what will you choose?

He holds my hands, puts me back on the wall, slips his arm around my waist, runs his fingers feeling my back, reaches onto my neck and nuzzles it from behind, tries to leave his love marks all over my neck and lips in the form of love bites (though he even gets worried by my single ouch) and in the end, whispers I love you in my ears. His soft and sensuous voice and the scratchiness of his unshaven face sends a sensation through my body. Ummmm, his loving and passionate efforts really make me feel weak in my knees and I simply submit myself to him completely and rest, you know what I mean. 😉 He fulfills all his desires by being sensitive, loving and passionate as well!

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Aren’t all these intense feelings make you feel alive? Doesn’t this make your senses and heart feel lighted up with immense pleasure? Ahhhh, I am sure it does for the ones who have experienced it! But, for the unfortunate ones, I am here to help you guys. So, relax and listen to me. 🙂

Before jumping on to anything else, let’s first uncover the true sense of LOVE. We all tend to hear this most common word, love, from every mouth, but, what does it actually mean? Every individual holds a different feeling and thoughts of love. For some, it is a beautiful feeling and for some it is a heart breaking experience. Well, for me, it is an emotional and physical connection that two individuals build up between them. It is an ocean of emotions which involves many feelings like sex, sensitivity or passion in it. These feelings can be regarded as the pillars of a strong relationship which balances well between the physical and emotional desires. Did I just say sex? Well, yeah, the next stage of love is sex. Right guys? Many eyebrows, especially of the ladies, must have been raised by my fact. Isn’t it? Calm down ladies, I am well aware of the fact that, women long for an emotional bond before going for a physical meet, but, you also cannot deny the fact that men develop feelings only after a physical connection. That doesn’t mean that they are not in love with you earlier, it’s just that they feel more connected with you after having sex.

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Sex or passion does not only comprise of thrusting of a penis into a vagina, but, it also involves the profound vulnerability of close contact, nakedness or even the exchange of body fluids. And this act demands a trusted lover (especially by women) with whom who can connect emotionally first. Hence, physical affection can be defined as a warm experience which invokes the strength of your emotional bonding. Well, I think we have talked a lot about emotional bonding, but, what is it actually?

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I don’t know about others, but for me, it is a beautiful feeling which can only be felt and cannot be explained in words. I mean, don’t you love it when your partner holds your hand tightly, when he clutches his fingers between yours, when he/she hug and kisses you in a passionate manner, when he/she involves in the foreplay before making out? Don’t you love it all? 😉 Drinking each other in sips and looking at the world through your partner’s eyes is what defines the emotional bonding or rather the sensitivity of your relationship. This can further help in strengthening of your relationship as you tend to learn more and more about each other. Believe it or not, but, it do creates a sense of lifelong security of your relationship. Just being attached physically to a person can make you feel detached from him/her after a certain time, but, an emotional bonding will never let you move away from your loved one.

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Well, this is what I personally feel and I hope you all want to sail with me in the same boat. 😉

So, what are you waiting for now? Go, hug, kiss and love your partner in every possible way, but, yes, don’t forget to first play on to the emotional chords of your partner! 🙂