Spice Up your Marriage Sex

Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you..that is how I know you, go on…

A melodious and heart touching start..isn’t it? Well, I am sure it is but, do you often tend to hear such kinds of words from your partner’s mouth?

If yes, then congrats, you are experiencing a rocking post marital sexual life. Ahem ahem! But, if no, then, you need to lend your ear to me.

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Be it day or night, bed or kitchen, dim light or complete darkness, your body’s fragrance or the one of scented candles, you on him or he on you..your partner loves it in all forms. Don’t you want to feel this kind of immense pleasure in your life? Well, to gain something, you need to work for it. Don’t worry, I am not demanding any hard efforts from your side. Just some extra salt, some chilly flakes, some flavor of cheese can make you achieve your goal. Ha-ha jokes apart! To enjoy a hot steamy sex, even after years of your married life, you need to follow few tips which can spice up your desire of enjoying your partner’s naughtiness between the sheets.

# Gents first

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Shhhhhh, I am revealing a secret to you. Women feel more attracted towards men who tend to take a lead or dominate them on the bed. Yes, that’s true! Leading her, loving her in your own ways and savoring her, she loves it all. This will not only allow your husband to show his true colors on bed, but, it will also make you learn about his likes and dislikes in bed. 😉

# Day and Night Foreplay

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Ha-ha, yes, I know you gonna love this anyway. But, foreplay doesn’t only mean cuddling with your partner rather; there can be much more to it. Sending spicy non veg messages to your partner during the day or even sending your picture wearing your sexy dress, complementing him for his/her personality while he/she is getting dressed up for work or waking up your partner with a sweet kiss and a coffee, all this is enough to maintain the desire and longing for your partner to discover more of him/her.

# Give a Language to your Love

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A few codes which make you feel aroused can really work as a spicy factor in your relationship. You can put out such intimate words or your code language from your pocket anytime and anywhere just to let your partner know about your dirty desires. 😉

# Maintain that Ahhhh Factor

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Stress is the main reason which keeps your partner away from the warmth of your cozy arms. So, why not eliminate the reason itself? Just dab on some oil on your soft hands, play on to some light music and massage your partner well to gift him/her with a stress free environment. This will not only keep your partner away from stress, but the touch of your soft hands will help in raising up the levels of his/her heat department.

# Present your Sexy side

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I know make up must be removed before wrapping up yourself in bed, but, what if your smoky eyes, your red lipstick, your messy hair, your perfume smell or even or heels, make your partner sound high? You can even add a touch of sexy lingerie or just a T-shirt to raise your sex appeal. It’s not a bad deal, ladies!

More to it, you guys can even bring out her passionate desires by wearing smoking hot pajamas to bed. I am sure it will make her hunt between your thighs. 😉

# La-la-la-la

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Salsa may be not your cup of tea, but, that doesn’t mean you cannot put your any step forward. Just play on to your favorite love song and hold on to your partner tight in your arms and simply sway to the beat of your love. (P.S. you can even ask your partner to step on to your feet to feel more closer)

Isn’t this romantic?

# Laugh out aloud

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You don’t have to sound serious all the time. Tickling your funny bones can really make your partner feel relaxed and comfortable in your company. Sometimes it’s good to let your hair down and act being silly. Try it out guys, I am sure, it will spice up your sexual life.

# Get away for a Night

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Imagining this pleasure after having kids is quite tough, but, it is important for couples to steal out some couple time for themselves. Drop your kids at their relatives place and enjoy the pleasure of your intimate hours by locking up yourself at home or planning a small trip for you two. The thought is enough to evoke your sexual desires, then just imagine what will the peak of your pleasure by practicing this act?

May be this list has come to an end, but, I am sure your desires haven’t! 😉

So, forget about the years of your marriage and grab your partner tonight or during the early morning when your kid is asleep, and make him/her get a flashback of your first wedding night. Go, hurry up now!