Enjoy Monsoon Showers with Healthy Eating Habits

Monsoon is here!!! Well we have all the reasons to get excited and have fun. Moreover, this refreshing season comes along with cool splashes which give us relief from intolerable heat of scorching sun. But along with this, the season of monsoon also brings a plethora of diseases. So, today in this health article we will tell you what all you need to watch during this season so that you can stay at safer side from various diseases.


#Check out these Healthy Eating Habits to Adopt this Monsoon

#Drink Water

One of the most important things that you need to be careful about is the water which you drink. During monsoons, it is essential to drink only clean and boiled water. Always carry a water bottle while traveling outside.

#Say NO To Street Food

You love to eat golgappas and pani puris with your pals but eating all these stuff in rainy season might lead to many digestion related problems. Apart from this, unhygienic, stale and uncovered food should certainly be out of your diet. The best way to stay away from monsoon related digestion disorders is to consume only home cooked food and stay healthy.



 #Clean Fruits and Vegetables

Rainy season carries a number of infections through air and water. That is why; it becomes important to thoroughly clean the veggies and fruits before the consumption. Carefully picked the green leafy vegetables and clean them properly to make them bacteria-free.

#Stay Away from Non Vegetarian Food

All the non-veg food lovers please pay attention here! Eating non vegetarian stuff is certainly not recommended during rainy season.  Refrain yourself from raw seafood and prevent monsoon related health afflictions.





#Uncooked Food

Eating uncooked food like cut fruits, salads, fruit juices should be avoid during rainy season since cold and stale food is a feasible carrier of many infections. One needs to be very careful about the method and the time of cooking food.

#Avoid Fried Food

Deep fried and oily food may seem a yummy treat to the tongue, but avoiding all this is a must in monsoons. Eating oily food creates a number of digestion related problems especially in the season of monsoon.


#Switch to Natural Foods

If you want to stay away from monsoon related infections, eat natural foods. Most of the monsoon ailments are cured by only drinking a glass of freshly made radish juice. In your diet, you must add easy to digest spices like cumin seeds, garlic and turmeric.


Monsoon is a season of fun and at the same time it also brings out lots of health diseases. So, stick to these health tips and take good care of your health. Be fabulous this monsoon, both from internal and external point of view.

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