Women vs Sports – Is There Really A Battle Going On?

Few days ago, I was watching an English feature film, a character in which I heard saying “Happy Wife, Happy life. Unhappy Wife, stone-cold misery for the rest of your life”. I don’t even remember the name of the movie, but this sentence kinda stayed on. I grew up in a typical middle class family which meant I was lucky enough to witness those petty brawls my mother and father used to have whenever a cricket or a football match was on air. Of-course those small fights sometimes took turns  to heated arguments but I never ever dared to intervene.


Yet Another Stereotype – Women Hate Sports!

Growing up in an environment like this led me to a believe that most women hate sports. Somewhere my instincts too told me that I was indeed correct despite of the fact that so many women have achieved prominently in sports in the modern world. This puts us all into a dilemma – do women really despise men watching sports? If it is true then is there really a battle going on between women and sports? Let us all give a thought to this… now its women vs sports!
Yeah.. the topic is of grave concern!


Its a Guy Thing..?

Being a guy, I admit that men have a tendency of ignoring everything whenever they watch sports. Loosing control of remote control is the last thing men want while watching cricket or a football match. This gives way to the so called and dreaded NAGGING, women are infamous for, which very often reaches to the extent of a cold hearted arguments which is never healthy especially for the newly married couples. Its a common scenario in a typical Indian family where guys play couch-potato which stirs up the hornet’s nest in their better halves that tends to enrage women.. i guess as a results of being ignored, women have all the right to show of their frustration this way or that! (see guys, I am trying to fetch some browny points from my women readers!! 😛 )


Sports and Daily Soaps!

In their defense, guys often reciprocate that women too are addicted to daily soaps and Television serials which, no offense, but most of the guys find pretty annoying. They often argue, sports matches are seasonal but these TV serials go round the year. But if you haven’t noticed yet, women get most of your household work accomplished while these TV serials are on air which include chopping, cooking, ironing, feeding, knitting, dusting and what not. Frankly speaking, there is no end to this list… Wow!!


What Makes Women Go Bonkers about Men’s Love for Sports?

The bottom line is women don’t hate sports, its the habit of men which bothers them. I am no expert but here are some suggestions for men focusing on which might work out a balance between watching television and also maintaining a healthy mutual relationship.

  • If you have an upcoming football match which you certainly can’t afford to miss, spend some quality time with your partner before the match starts or rather avoid watching the beginning. There is no harm in letting her know that she is your #1 priority, not the game.
  • Always make her feel that she matters to you the most. When she knows this, she will never again be against you watching the game.
  • Sharing is always good. Your wife might not be interested in the game you are watching but once you explain her that why do you love it so much or explain the know how’s of the game, it might spark a interest in her… Believe me its one trick you will thank me even years after!!
  • Keep off from showing supposedly apathetic attitude towards her and ignoring her while watching the game. You love her and you know that, so there is no point in pissing her off over a petty game.


  • If you are so desperate to watch a particular game, get things done in advance. For instance you might pick up the groceries on your way home or assist your wife in cleaning up a day before the match. This way, in her eyes you are worthy of watching the game!
  • Show some interest in the daily soaps or television serials she loves watching. Who knows, it might arouse a sense of curiosity in you among the spree of intense crying, repeated re-incarnations or implausible reactions of the characters in these serials.
  • If she isn’t interested at all in watching the game, find out something which she can do too around you while you watch the game. Indulge her into something which she finds interesting. Get her to read her favorite book or knit.
  • Keep her around all the time while watching the game. Make her feel that you aren’t enjoying the game without her presence around you. Occasional cuddling or getting intimate with her during the game might favor the winds in your direction. *_* wink – wink


Remember, gone are the days when you were just another carefree bachelor. There are times when you have to sacrifice some important aspects of your life just because your spouse doesn’t agree with them. You have happily chosen to be in a committed relationship so learn to compromise and to let go as well. The moment you will understand this, you will never ever have a wife who nags at you every time you switch on the television to watch a game!

Do you want to share your ideas, anything quirky… splash on all on in the comment box.. would love listening to your love hate stories with your wife and sports!

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