Everyday Natural Makeup Look Tutorial – Get the Look to Die for!

Having a little makeup does add a lots confidence, but if its well proportioned and done according to the occasion! The shimmery pout and shade loaded lids look acceptable only at parties! For an everyday look natural makeup is the best way!

So what are the important steps that qualify for a natural look? Well, its very little makeup up, no unnatural colors, right products and your skill!


Check out this everyday natural makeup look tutorial –

#Steps to get a Natural Makeup Look-

Wash off your face, first thing before loading on some makeup! Then, moisturize your face with a good moisturizer and turn to a good eye cream which is meant to counter puffy eyes and dark circles.Dia-Mirza-natural-look

  • Let the moisturizer seep deep into the skin. Then, use a primer to tone down fine lines and brighten the complexion. This also makes the preliminary activity for the skin before the application of skin foundation. Its best to use a sun protection as well. Invest in a good quality moisturizer that also has adequate SPF.
  • After the application of the foundation, time has come to put on a concealer. Add coverage wherever needed. The application on the under-eye area should precede the dab on a hydrating primer to avert dryness or caking. Concealer, if not applied correctly can accentuate the problem areas. Hence, use small amount of concealer and apply, dab and blend it with you fingers.
  • In order to further accentuate the glow, dust the bronzer onto the facial area more vulnerable to sun tan which includes top of the forehead, cheekbones and the nose bridge. Make sure you use peach or pink shades to give a natural flushed hue to your cheeks. The cooler shades of pink will make you look rather made up, avoid those!
  • Now, the ungainly brow hairs can be restrained with an eyebrow gel and brighten your eyes with a swipe with two coats of voluptuous mascara. Make sure your mascara is waterproof.
  • Although, most people think eyeliner does not leave a natural look. Its best to avoid it, but if you want to give a defined look to your eyes, its best use gel liners as pencils do not blend well, and liquid liners are too sharp for a natural look.
  • The application of neutral lip gloss will impart the finishing look. Chose a color that matches your skin tone. Apply at the center of your lips and blend out for a more pouty and natural look. Its best to apply the lip color with your finger rather than with the applicator directly.


#Here are some Important Tips to get Perfection-

  • If your skin is oily, skip the moisturizer, you can rather go for power compacts that can absorb excess oil.
  • Make sure you do not coat your entire lashes with mascara, as it makes lashes look more like the legs of a spider clamping your eyes. Instead apply each coat at the bottom of your lashes for a more subtle look.
  • Its better to do makeup in daylight… you can place the mirror near the window so that you do not end up looking cakey or fake!
  • Bronzer is one cosmetic that can make or break your entire look. Try it before your go out with it on. If it does not suit you, better stick to blushes. Cream blushes are more easy to blend in and last longer.
  • Its best to try makeup at home before going out with it on.
  • Stick to your skin tones, to give your makeup a more natural look and so it “does not look made up” just like Kareen Kapoor Khan calls out in a TVC of Lakme beauty products!

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