Monsoon Skin and Hair Care Tips To Look Beautiful Even in Rains!

Many city dwellers say that, after long and hot summers, the only good thing about India is the first monsoon shower. But, apart from the joy, it’s a time when we become worried about our skin and hair and want to learn ways e.g. how to look good in monsoon!

In monsoon, our skin tends to become rough, scratchy, oily and pimply and hair falls lifeless, limp and notoriously frizzy. So, if you are tired of tying up your hair in a bun or pony tail then read the below given tips to save your skin and hair from the impending humidity.


Below are dished out some valuable Monsoon Skin and Hair Care Tips. Take a look-

#Skin Care During Monsoon

Though it’s a time when sun may play hide and seek with you, it doesn’t mean that we should ignore the humble sunscreen. It is a must to apply sunscreen lotion with SPF (30 preferably) every day even in monsoon.

To avoid the greasy appearance on skin, scrub your skin with a good-quality face scrub at least once in day. Go for raw milk, orange or other fruit based scrub as these acts as a great anti-humidity skin care solutions.


  • Go for a non-detergent based cleanser as this will wash away humid grimes from your skin without causing dryness and roughness.
  • Use a good quality face wash which holds good cleansing properties and natural ingredients.
  • Avoid doing heavy make-up as it will clog the pores on your skin causing pimples and rashes.
  • Before going to sleep apply ice packs on your face as it will give your skin the much required chilling effect.


#Hair Care In Monsoon

Many people complain that even after using high end products their hair do not get shiny and bouncy. The reason could be the way you apply shampoos and conditioners on your hair. The right way to apply shampoo is to take a little bit of it and rub it evenly over your hair and then massage it down to the roots. In conditioners, choose the one which suits your hair type.

To get the best results, wrap a hot towel around your hair with the conditioner still on.


Brush your hair with a right kind of comb step wise. This will encourage the blood flowing through your hair and prevent your hair from dandruff.

Massage your hair with hair oil once in a week to nourish them and to maintain their strength.

Hair masks are a good way to supply the nourishment to your hair regularly.


Make use of these amazing tips and enjoy an unperturbed beautiful and gorgeous look even in monsoon.

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