Full bodied Women or Size Zero – What Men Prefer!!!

I am taken aback as I find girls starving to shrink themselves for attaining size zero figure. Size zero has been hot debated in recent years. Generally, celebrities are looked-up for the latest styles and fashion trends and you know what, Size Zero actresses have affected the people with great éclat. From ages, high-profile divas are looked-up by people for the latest vogue exposure.

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But seen from the point of view of the guy fellas what is more preferable -A Zero Sized Female or Full Bodied Curvaceous Female!!

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Nowadays, almost every magazine is loaded with zero sized models… but the fact is that men like women who are curvy. Curvaceous women are irresistible to the opposite sex. Men are hard wired and are naturally drawn to heavier vital statistics. Even guys love woman who are on heavier side i.e. heavy bosoms, rounded hips and skinny legs. Men fantasize and dream about women who are curvy and busty. Though obesity is not healthy but neither is zero size bodies.

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A man’s sexual psyche truly desires a fuller woman in the long run. The fact that men prefer full bodied women over zero sized confirmed when I asked guys who were my friends and colleagues and was  told by them that they like curvaceous and chubby women and not those lean and thin ones. Even one of the male colleagues said, “I like skinny, bones are for dogs, and I am not a dog”. Well obviously, everyone has different opinion and it depends on how you think…

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Whether size zero, lean, skinny, curvy, or whatever, you should be confident and satisfied with your body and personality. Beauty is not only physical so if you like yourself, people will surely like you. Just be confident and head out!