Know Your Man!

Men are not as complicated as women are but that doesn’t mean they are simple to understand. Here we bring out to you some of the secrets straight from the mouths of men to help you to know your man in a better way that aids your compatibility quotient. So go on and have a look!

 #No Assumption Girls!

Women have an insecure tendency we know, but men want you to understand them. Every time please don’t assume that men know what’s on your mind or what are you thinking because they are men not God. Women, please voice your concern!!

men wunderstand women


 #Man are Attracted To Cheesy Gestures

How many times your man has repelled those cheesy cum romantic gestures made by you? But in reality they actually go head over heels when you do these. It’s just they don’t have the balls to admit 😉

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 #Well Shaped? Thumbs Up!

Be in that toned shape girls! Men like their partners to accompany them to the gym. It’s like equality “I want to stay fit, so should you.” Yeah!

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 #Take The Control

 Men like to be teased and want you to take control not always but occasionally. It’s a huge turn-on. A little humour doesn’t cost that much ladies!

tease your man


 #Share Common Interests

 One close friend of mine recently told me that he loves when his girlfriend plays with him on the play station i.e. a game of soccer or two. It is so overwhelming that how guys are stringed to their partners when they have something in common; like interests!

couple with common intrest



Men like spice too! Not in the kitchen like ladies but you on the kitchen table that too naked. Sounds saucy? Yeah. Guys like having fun outside the bedroom too.

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 #Attention Please!

Women like attention so does Men. Yeah you heard me right! Men like when you pay attention to them like cooking their favourite dish or so. Leaving your social accounts under the wraps is not that difficult girls!

women cooking favorite d ish for her man



Women we are not saying you to flatter us but we want you to appreciate us when we do something that makes you happy. Getting an applause for our efforts is such a boost for us !

appriciate ur man


 #Be Experimental

 Experimenting new positions in bed is such a turn on. So try surprising your man by giving a treat to his eyes by trying a brand new lingerie set!

sex position to turn your man


 #Make a Call

Women if you are missing your guy call your man instead of texting. Men like hearing your sexy, sweet voice instead of finger practice on the lappy or smartphone.

women on phone with her guuy


 #Fantasy Time

 Girls attention please! If you have fantasies share it with us. If you will not raise your voice how will we  men fulfil them  🙁

woman fantasy


 #No Past Gals

 Men hate when you talk or discuss your past boyfriends. Men neither want to discuss your past as well as their crazy exes. Gals concentrate on the present please!

love triangle


 #Borrow That Hoodie Now!

Guys like it when you borrow their jersey or hoodie. Women you feel good and your man feels needed .Got that gals!

woman wearing her man clothing

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