Signs that Tell You a Guy is Flirting with You!

Cybill Shepherd’s quote “I was born and bred to be a great flirt “. Flirting is a fine art… Its not bad rather it helps in creating an interesting contact with the other person. It can be exchanging flirty glances in the parking lot or in the queue to buy movie tickets. Flirting doesn’t lead anywhere but makes two individuals comfy with each other and can also lay the foundation of future relationship or chemistry. 


If a guy smiles looking at you and his smile lingers through his face then it implies that he is happy and giddy conversing with you.




If a guy blushes as he sees you or when he has an eye contact with you, it’s possible that he may be interested in you.

guy blush


#Eye Contact

A guy who likes you is surely going to look at you and that too for longer time than usual.It shows that the guy is attentive to what you say and is interested in you. Obviously!

flirty eye contact guys


#Mirroring Actions

Men mirror woman’s actions. When a man is mirroring your actions,t he way you speak, laugh etc., he is for sure flirting with you.



#A Flirting Actions

If a guy brushes his hands with your body or touches you accidentally ,he definitely likes you. It implies that he is trying to get your attention.

flirting touch of men


#Head Tilt

If  a guy tilts his head towards you  while talking then it implies that he is paying attention to what you are saying.It also signifies he admires you.



#Raised Eyebrows

If a guy widens his eyes accompanied by raised eyebrows then he likes you. Its one of the tell-a-tale signs of flirting.




If a guy gets nervous in front of you and you see him fidgeting, it means he is into you and is conscious to start conversation with you.

men nervous around women



Teasing is one of the biggest clues that a guy likes you  and is flirting with you.The type of teasing will be fun and light even harmless.

men flirt teasing


#Makes Fun Of Other  Guys You Hang-Out With

If a guy makes fun of other guys you hangout with then he is letting you know that he is interested in you. Its an age-old trick of flirting.

men is jealous


#Complements You

Getiing compliments like “You’re beautiful” or “You look great !” can be a sure sign of flirting. See if a guy find ways to compliment you it is possible that he may be interested in you.

men complementing women


 #Confides in You

If a guy tries to confide in you and tells you his personal information which he does’nt disclose to everyone that means he is definately into you .It is possible that he is finding or paving way to make room for more personal conversations.

men compliments1


#Low Pitched Voice

If a guy flirts with with you he will surely try to do the sweet talking  and that too politely.

men in low pitch voice


#Common Interests

It is great to have common interests. But if a guy tells you that he has same interests as you, it is possible that he is just trying to flirt with you and to create a bond  so that you get inclined towards him and like him more.

men with commen intrests