Here is How To Hang Artworks in Your Home?

Hanging Artworks inside your home can be quite a tricky task. Various questions may come tumbling down to you before contemplating about hanging an work like. Some of the issues that bother you are – How high it should be mounted on the wall? How it can be arranged with other pieces as to create a coherent and creative whole that suits the eyes? Or how it can be hanged safely and securely so that the art-pieces does not come down crashing on the floor!

Bother no more my friends, here are some easy and quick tips to help you plan to answer these questions, to clear out your confusion on how to hang artworks when you have purchased them with so much love and care. Planning out the arrangement makes the first step. Follow on to read the rest:

Tips to Hang in an Art Work!!

  • Plan your Arrangement:
  • Avoid erratic nail holes by first planning out your arrangement. Put the frames first on ground and try out different spacings and arrangements. Trace the pattern on a sheet and tape cutouts on the wall; Keep trying till you love the final look.
  • Space Them Out Nicely:
  • Keep a least gap of about two inches between the outer edge of the frames. Make it less only when the frames are of same size or shape.

  • Make a Theme: Select the images or paintings on a particular topic like landscapes or dogs helps to create a coherent whole and look good when tied together in an arrangement.
  • Create a Good Mixture: Use a diverse variety of frame shapes and sizes. Hang some of them vertically while others horizontally for making a nice, interesting display.
  • Focus on the Center: Start by hanging the picture that you will use in the middle of the arrangement. Thereafter, work your way out. Once there is a basic framework on the wall, you can always add more to it later.
  • Keep a Watch on Scale: Keep in mind the scale of the frames as all of them should be more or less of a similar size. Prevent too large a frame to hog limelight. Exclude that frame which takes up more than a sixth of the wall space.

Try these tips out and tell me if you liked it. Or is there anything else you wanna include in the article… comment box is ready to get your revert. CIAO..!

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