Father of a Teenager – Embarrassed to talk About Sex??

Teenage and Sex is a delicate combination! And you happen to be the Father? Wow, you have a responsibility!!

The precariousness of teenage years multiplies your responsibility as a parent n number of times. I don’t wanna scare you, but teenage is the time of life when your ward is faced with tremendous pressure, both internal and external that will give him/her a roller coaster ride. At this stage, it’s important for someone to hold the rudder for them and gently guide their ship to safety. And this challenge must be addressed by either or both the parents.

Being a father of a teenager is a big responsibility, especially when you feel embarrassed to talk about sex. Read this to know how to quell embarrassment.

It’s About Time!father-son

One of the most pressing issues that a teenage faces is sex. With the tremendous surge of emotions and hormones after acquiring puberty, a teenager at sometime or the other is faced with the dilemma whether to indulge in sexual activity or not. With peer pressure on one side and unrelenting sexual urge on the other, a teenager is more likely to take extreme steps without having proper knowledge and discretion of the consequences involved.

As a parent, the sooner you impart sexual knowledge to your teen, the better it is. But taking to your child about sex can be a tough task, especially for a father!

Thumb Rules Your Conversation Must Nail Down!

  1. Abstinence is the only sure-shot way to Avoid Pregnancy and Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases: No method of prevention can guarantee an absolute protection from pregnancy and STDs. Some contraceptive methods such as condoms can significantly reduce the risk, but cannot completely rule out the dangers involved.
  2. Alcohol and Drugs comes in the way of making Good and Wise Decisions: Alcohol and drugs distort and impair the judgement and discretion which is the reason why these are better banned among the teens to protect them from indulging in sex under the influence. Educate your teens early about the risk involved with substance abuse.

  3. Discuss Issues about Teens and Pornography: With widespread and easy access to pornography, most of the teens these days find themselves exploring porno sites and material. Teach them that pornography is not a healthy way to explore their sexuality for it takes out the beauty and emotions out of a sexual relation.

Again as a father, you may create conditions to discourage frequent single dating but encourage group activities or double dating or things like that which reduces the chances of indulging in sex and having unwanted pregnancy.

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