Welcome to Hertalks…. Celebrating Womanhood!

Hi folks, Welcome to HerTalks. Its a site for us women, a heart to heart, a tête-à-tête!!

I know there are so many issues, we wonder who to share it with. The BFF zone seems to have been usurped by the ever overarching family and career responsibilities and then those PMS and other biological issues argghhh…!! But we have many more reasons to rejoice ladies! 

At this amazing site, I am going to talk about all that we woman like, dislike, care, love, hate, disapprove, gossip, worship, adore, abhor, face, struggle with in our daily lives. Your beauty, your kids, your career, family, love relationships, tips and tricks, lifestyle and home and food, leisure, travel, gossip, celebrity spooks, currant affairs and all you want to keep yourself updated with. 

Celebrating womanhood is the best way to respect who we are because its we who make life worth living and enjoying all around us. Gods Best creation, we are fun, we are cool, we are wacky, weird, spunky, kinky, adorable, cute, sexy, bitchy, jealous, broody, geeky, hefty or petite, but super sensitive and LOVABLE in every way!

Lets respect ourselves lets love ourselves. Lets be ourselves, because life is too short to waste whining for what we do not have, lets enjoy what we have, and lets aspire for what we crave! and GUYS…. you can have a flue and drop down like you have been fired on the head!!

Lets admit, we can practically do anything! We can cook, book, look, do laundry, wash dishes, wash babies, and their fathers! Well… in fact I must say, I can do basic maths as well!! And I count it as an Achievemnet!! 😛

Because being woman is the new cool, the awesome magnified, the beauty personified. And the best of the best lines I love about us was penned by my favorite author, Virginia Woolf, she says-

“Why are women… so much more interesting to men than men are to women?

Don’t you all agree 😛

Well, I can have many more such instances to tell you that we indeed are AWESOME, to say the least. Lets Begin our Journey together Girls!

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