How to Stay Comfy During Your Periods!!!

It’s a cruel sunny morning and the internal heat has already made you crash, it was not enough that your boss has gone nuts over you. The ickiness of PMS are ruining your days and your clothes are not fitting you the same way. So, you have nothing to feel happy about. But wait, this is happening because you are facing that monthly disaster!

Worry not, I have few tips to make your week’s disaster easy and comfortable! Read on…

Tips to Have a Happy Period!

Know your Dates First…No, not the men of your dream, but your period dates! Many of us remain unaware about our dates and then the whole world seems depressing when we go through PMS. And when you know the right time you can be well prepared for it in advance. This will help you cope up with your depressing symptoms better.

Get Comfortable First – It is mandatory that you feel comfortable during your PMS. So, forget about those skinny jeans, lacy bras, and tight fitted clothes. Rather wear cotton clothes and lose bras so that you can breathe and relax properly.

comfortable clothing

Exercise Wrap – Well the matter remains debatable whether you should do or not, yes you can give up vigorous work-outs during cranky periods. Try out relaxing things such as a walk, yoga, and meditation to keep your inner self calm and cool. It is obvious you feel sluggish but a little effort can make huge difference.


Nap Time – Yes, nap it out! You will feel cranky and tired, so have a quick short nap so that you can wake up feeling fresh and calm. And if you don’t have any nap time then simply lie down for 10-15 minutes and relax every part of your body. You never know you might pass the most paining moment this way.


Pampering yourself will Help – You can indulge in some calm soothing massages before your periods knock at your door. Have some muscle relaxing treatments to fight the cramps during menstruation. Try and have a manicure or pedicure done or indulge in some foot therapy. All these things help you look gorgeous and feel happy.

pamper yourself

Stay Hygienic and Clean – During your periods it is mandatory that you maintain certain hygienic and cleaning practices that include changing of napkin every 6-7 hours (depending on the flow), have a bath daily (twice if summers), wash your UG’s daily, and have balanced diet.


So follow these tips to have a tension free and happy PMS period. 


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