Spirituality- A Shield for Your Mental Health

Spirituality has a very subtle link with overall health including mental health. Irrespective of religious beliefs spirituality can be a great support in tough conditions. Depression is a great problem of today’s world and recent researches show people who indulge in spirituality are less prone to depression and other mental disease.

Basically it means that strong belief in god make us adamant in hostile circumstances!!

  • Belief in God Make You Resilient and Mature

People who believe in god remain positive in tough situations. One can’t be mature without going through trails. Belief in God provides self-confidence during crunch situations. Spirituality is a vibrant force that fosters positive attitude in most difficult conditions. Self-belief is an amazing personality trait that is highly averse of depression and despair. With this feeling in your heart there is no space for negativity in your life.

sun in hands

  • Spirituality Helps to See Broader Perspective

Spiritualism lowers self-centered attitude and connects you with infinite energy of cosmos. Often mental disorders happen because people start to focus on a particular situation or problem for longer. While spirituality preaches to see broader perspective of life and destroy all despair and prejudices in mind.


  • Spirituality Gives Life Purpose and Meaning

Often people with depression and mental illness lose there sense of purpose in life. Spirituality entices people toward the inane beauty of life and helps them to find a new purpose. A person with purpose can never despair.


  • Hope – An Important Attributes

Many people tend toward spirituality during the time of bereavement and hardship. Spirituality works as a shield in such situations. People who are not spiritual often get scattered in such situation. Hope is something that advent positivity. In a mind full of positive thoughts there is no room for negativity that leads to mental disorders.


It Entices Toward Joy and Glory of Life

Spirituality helps us to see life with different point of view. It helps us to see positive aspect of life. Once we start to see positive aspects of every moment, we get joy in every thing we do and we find happiness in every moment. 


Spirituality is a single solution to all problems of our life. It can also cure and protect us from mental illness. 

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