Not Spending Time with Family?? Tips to Be a Successful Working Mom!!

Work life balance is not an easy thing. Both spheres of life demand certain type of commitments from us and if you are a working Indian mother, things get little bit clumsier. Even my mom expects me to make the “gol roti/chapati” etc, I can very well understand what the mother-in-laws would demand of me, and kids…!!

Although, its never a bad thing to be able to multitask and act like a superwoman, but time with family gets a back seat in this scenario! These plans and cooperation of family members can make the mother’s routine task easier.

Take a look at these Tips to Be a Successful Working Mom!!

  • Prioritise Your Needs to Keep Your Prespective Right

Just ask yourself what are your top priorities in life? Why are you doing this job? These questions will help you to understand your persepective of life. This will also help you in prioritizing your needs.

Prioritize Privacy

  • Manage Yourself

Effective time management can bring dramatic improvement in your life. You have to identify the things that really matters in your life. You can allot the time to each activity according to your convenience. This will help you to manage work-life balance.


  • Work Is Important

Many women have a tendency of thinking of leaving the job when they face these problems. Work is very important for your selfrespect. Pen down your motivations to work. Once you will realize the need of work in your life it will ease down your guilt feeling. Tell yourself that what you are doing is very important for your family.


  • Teach Your Kids to Cooperate With You

Teach your kids to clean their bed, cloth etc. Show him/her that how they can do it. You can teach your kids to take certain responsibilities themselves, this will inculcate certain values in your kids and also ease down your daily chores. Ask your kid/spouse to help you while doing little household chores. Teach your kids to serve food themselves and clead plates etc.

Mother and daughter

  • Everybody Goes Throught It

You have to realize that you are not alone every one who is working goes throught certain problem. Remind yourself that you are successful and finacially independent. It is quite normal for a working professional to miss certain things in life. All you need to be is little bit more realistic in your approach.


  • Enjoy Every Moment of Joy

Enjoy whatever time you get to spend with your kids and family. Remember you can’t witness each and every activity of your kids but you can enjoy the few one that you have at your hand.


Life can never be perfect, you do one thing you miss another. For everything we get, we lose another. That resonates with working moms!

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