Ladies, Keep Your Heart Safe!

Does the title divert your attention towards heart break?? Pffa!! Believe me there are worst things other than a heart break!!

What do you think is the worst thing that can happen to you? Is it breast cancer? Is it breast cancer alone? No, that’s wrong. Breast cancer is indeed, an extremely worse disease to suffer from. But you’ve got to worry about something much worse. That’s heart attack!! Yiikkesss… scary no?


Its a Heart Attack, Not a Heart Break!!

It’s a true fact. A recent study by cardiologists has confirmed that heart attack kills more women than breast cancer. Heart attack is mostly considered a men’s disease. But it kills more women than men. Surprising isn’t it?

Risk Factors for Women-

Women are safe from diseases until they reach menopause. Until then the hormones strengthen the arteries and keeps them away from heart problems. But after  menopause, the probability of a heart attack increases. Some risk factors which may trigger a stroke are –

  • smoking
  • irregular working hours
  • obesity


Women’s tendency to die of a heart attack is more than men. This is because they get the disease at a later stage along with added problems of sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Common Facts about Heart Conditions in Women:

You will be surprised to read out these –

  1. Smoking women may get a heart attack 19 years before men.
  2. Diabetes increases the risk of heart problems.
  3. Number of women dying after a bypass surgery is more than that of men.
  4. Women do not very often have chest pain. So they are not diagnosed before they actually get a heart problem.

Apart from these scary facts, another fact states that women’s hearts respond more to the prevention measures than men.


Some Steps for Preventing Heart Problems:

Of course, you can keep heart safe and stay healthy and by that prevent heart diseases the easy way. Check out these illustrations-

  1. Have a meal full of fruits at least five times a day.
  2. Avoid adding extra salt to the food, in case you feel like doing so. Extra salt may trigger blood pressure problems.
  3. Consume foods with a low fat content.
  4. Don’t necessarily follow a strict diet. Eat wisely.
  5. If you are addicted to drinking, don’t do it more than once in a day.
  6. In case you are smoker, quit smoking.
  7. Go for regular medical checkups for blood pressure and sugar.
  8. Walk for at least half an hour a day. Use stairs and stay fit.


Not done yet. There are a couple of more important tip that you must keep tucked to your sleeve all the while gal!

Stay away from Heart Break… It makes you obsess and depress about it… Love the person who loves you back with the same intensity. And-

Never Stress!! Whether its exhaustion, work related or emotional, never let it bind your life in an inescapable mode. Be Free.. Be the birdie you always want to be. Live lives to the fullest, risks are never limited to heart ailments only. Even listening to loud music though headphones can damage your hearing, and much more!!


Hope these tips will help you. Keep your heart safe diaries!

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