Love the Fact that You are a Woman!!

Being a woman has its own set of advantages. As women, we get to do certain things which men can never do. None of us would ever want to change the fact that we are women for anything whatsoever. What say?

#You Get To Wear Makeup

Women love getting decked up and enjoy playing up with makeup, be it weddings or proms or parties or just another casual day.


#You Get to Have Babies

Only a woman can carry a life within her for as many as 9 months and then birth it into this world. This joy in a woman’s life is beyond comprehension. Well, this is not the end, you also get to nurture this child, love and watch him/her grow up for the years to come.


#You Get to Feel Feminine

It’s no secret that women have curves; soft, feminine curves. Having a bubble bath, walk in high heels, wear lingerie, spritz on perfume or wearing sparkles on your hair is a part of being feminine.

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#You Get to Change Hairstyle

Men can try different hairstyles too but women have a broader spectrum of choices when it comes to hairstyles. As women, we can grow it long or cut it, curl it or color it. Each time you go for a new haircut or a new hair color, you’ll come out looking fresher.


#You Get to Be Emotional

As a woman, you can be emotional whenever you need to. Men generally feel that they have to mask their true feelings unlike women, who can cry out when sad, giggle when amused or vent out when stressed.


#You Get to Wear What You Want

The fact that you are a woman gives you the right to shop till you drop, whenever you want. You can change your outfit as many times as you want to, depending on your mood.


#You Get To Be Needed and Wanted

Whether your kids or husband, you are certainly needed. Children need you to love them, care them and play with them. Husband needs you in very many ways. Even if you aren’t married, you are still needed and wanted.


Being a woman has both advantages as well as disadvantages. But the advantages of being a woman over-weighs the disadvantages. So love the fact that you are woman.

Last but not the least, its women who help populate the earth.

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