Reasons to Explore 23 Best Indian Travel Destinations!! Travel Tips for Holidays!!

A famous philosopher has said “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only the pages of the book”. There is nothing in the world like exploring new destinations, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. This world is full of beautiful places, things and people, all waiting to be explored! And in any case, vacations are there to enjoy the world around, so better make use of them, no??


You see, you really can’t be worldly wise by sticking to same place and perspective throughout your life. We are explorers by heart, no body wants to stay at the same place for a longer period unless crippled by his/her circumstances!

But before heading abroad, know your country first! Here are some important reasons you should not ignore!

#7 Reasons to Why Spend Holidays in India and Not Abroad-

If you are an Indian, You must know the diverse land that India is. Let me chalk out Some Reasons-

Its among the handful of nations which experience a mind boggling geographical diversity! You can experience a safari at the Jungles dotting the land, or can check out the sea beaches. Explore the valleys and mountains or see the green foliage of the plains… the options are endless!

The immense wealth of historic monuments and edifice will bedazzle you!

From east of India to the west, from north to south, every nook and cranny is filled with diverse ethnic, cultural and traditional tokens embedded in every location.

With a rich historical past, you can see the rise and decline of various dynasties, ruling classes and empires!

There is a plenty of natural beauty  to take in.

Its indeed an incredible India waiting to be explored!!


#Leaving the best for the last-

Exploring India, specially for Indians, is a hellot cheaper than the foreigners, a normal ticket to the zoo costs you max 20 rupees, while the same token is sold at 250 INR to the foreigners!! Holidaying within the country boundaries is indeed a budget holiday!!


The place is where the most of rainfall is recorded and is the wettest part of the world. What many don’t know about this land is that, its a natures paradise! There is a double decker natural root bridge that will spellbind you!! Apart from its, paradise for rain lovers!! The place is perfect for holidays and a great place to click some amazing pics… keep your camera handy.



Shimla is an enchanting travel destination located in Himachal Pradesh. At Simla nature is at its best with many scenic location. The windy mountain pathways and soothing climate blended with spirituality of several shrines dotted in mountains make it a perfect travel destination.


Kanyakumari is a place where Indain Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal meet with each other.  This place witness one of most scenic sunsets in world. Amid a breathtaking backdrop of serene beaches, the view at Kanyakumari is nothing but awe inspiring! It is one of the most visited location in India.



The lake palace of Udaipur is among one of the most beautiful places in the world. This palace is now converted in the hotel comprising 66 rooms and 17 suites. Jag mandir at Lake Pichola, Gulab Baggh are some other places to pay a visit! Winter is the best time to visit Udaipur as well as Jaipur.



The pink city, Jaipur is a vibrant city located in the state of Rajasthan. Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Ambar Mahal, Jal Mahal are some of the most popular locations in Jaipur that attract tourist from all over the world. This place is well connected. Jaipur was ranked 7th best place to visit in Asia, by an international survey.


#Kullu Manali

It is a small town in Himachal Pradesh equipped with remarkable natural beauty. It is a very famous destination for couples and honeymooners. This fantastic location is also a complete family holiday destination with several recreational activities.The mesmerizing view of mountains, springs, bathhouses, lakes and so much more, Manali is quite a must visit even if you are single though love birds coochi-kooing every here and there can be a menace! 😛



“Queen of the hills” Darjeeling is the tea-town located in the west of Bengal. It has beautiful tea-gardens and the view of the rising sun here is just breathtaking. The clear view of K2 or Kunchenjunga, from Darjeeling is spectacular. The picturesque rolling hills in Darjeeling present a dramatic view of Lower Himalayan Belt and Mt Everest.  You can reach here by road, neasrest railway station is New Jalpaigudi.



The commercial capital of India, Mumbai has vibrant rhythm that runs through the city. Bollywood stars, Gateway of India, Haji Ali, Churches, Chowpatti, and Juhu beach and Taj Hotel… these are the main crowd pullers. The nightlife, street food,the colonial architecture with amazing shopping experience makes for a warm visit! Its well connected to the major cities sand most of the small towns.

I can indeed line up more reasons to explore India, but for the time being I believe this will suffice, because I have more important things to share. India is country blessed with incredible natural beauty, mystical culture and tremendous location. Here are top travel destinations you should, rather must explore once in your life.


#Top Destination in India, Everyone Should Visit at Least Once!!

A well worked out list of destinations and locations both popular and unexplored awaiting you. Travel can change your perspective about life. Have you ever realized that few happy moment spend with friends and family last longer in your mind. Make use of this holiday season and enjoy the picturesque destinations India has to offer you! Take your pick and enjoy your vacations.


This travel season try to explore and live some ultimate Best Indian Travel destinations . 


Being the capital state, visiting Delhi during holidays or on business can never be but an un-exciting trip!! The city is buzzing a chaotic rhythm both hypnotic and confounding. But there is no dearth of natural beauty! Juxtaposed with an immense wealth of historical monuments, no other city can boast of being so culturally and ethnically diverse. Delhi is indeed a melting pot where all things convulse into a coexisting harmony. The humming nightlife and the harsh seasonal changes… everything about the city is just unique and makes for a wonderful experience. There is a lot to see and explore in Delhi… and keep your shopping bags handy!!

Being a metropolitan, Delhi is connected with all major cities in India and abroad, through air, rail and road.



This place has always remained a hot favorite among domestic as well as foreign visitors. This city is home to one of the most splendid buildings in the world “The Taj”. This symbol of love attract thousands of visitors every year. Agra is the home to the greatest eternal symbol of love, The Taj Mahal. It is the most visited travel  destination of India and  extremely popular overseas. Despite being home to one of the seven wonders of the world Agra has much more to offer. Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, Akbar’s tomb, Ram Bagh and Sikandra fort are some famous sites in Agra.

The city is well connected from all over India.



Reasons to explore Goa are very much no-brainers. Its a beach paradise and a tourist magnet. The heavenly sites, exotic beaches with amazing sunset view, golden sand and coconut palms attracts tourists every year. Goa is place for fun and happiness. Calangute beach, Arvalam waterfalls, Chapora fort, Ancertral Goa museum  are some famous spots in Goa. It is a great place for togetherness. An ideal place for couples and friends to enjoy themselves to the  hilt!



Due to its breathtaking beauty Kerala is known as God’s own country! Mesmerizing waterfalls and enchanting Back Waters with fantastic climate makes the state one of the favorite tourist locations in India. The lush greenery and the hilly terrain and palm decked beaches… the state blooms with natural beauty.



It is known as paradise on earth. Scenic beauty, snow clad peaks and green valleys give the travelers a divine feeling here. There is a lot to see in Kashmir specially the gardens- Shalimar, Nishat etc. Pari Mahal is another site where scenic beauty reigns. The shikara ride at Dal Lake is another most romantic thing which Yash Chopra movies iconized prior to their fascination with Switzerland!!



Shillong is a perfect travel destination for summer. If you feel roasted in  the summer heat, then Shillong is a nice choice. It is home several beautiful lake including Umiam lake. Khasi hills, beautiful churches, springs, water falls, lakes and a lot more makes Shillong a perfect tourist destination to relax.


Aruka Valley at Vishakhapattanam will capture your heart. The divine beauty is spellbinding. There is a lot to shop for and take back home. Pleasing weather, valleys and hillocks are a perfect call for tourists this summer!



With a cultural history dating back to several centuries, Hyderabad is the emerging IT hub in India. Perfect for the purpose of spending holidays, Hyderabad has a lot many monuments to visit. The cuisine, specially the Hydrabadi Biryani is a mouthwatering dish famous all over the world. And I bet, the hydrabadi biryani in Hyderabad tastes woderlicious… nowhere can you get the same taste.The city is a picture perfect landscape with lakes and gardens for nice and cozy picnics.

#Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh may not seem to be a very appetizing travel destination to many, but you visit the place and discover bounties of nature juxtaposed with a number of historical edifices! The river Krishna provides a scenic beauty and so does the Ethipothalla Falls.


An important tourist destination, Ajmer is a city in Rajasthan that is well connected to all parts of India through Jaipur Airport. Ajmer draws religious tourists to Ajmer Sharif Dargah as well as those looking for leisure and explore culture.Its a great place to shop for colorful Rajasthani goods and souvenirs. The city is located near the Ana Sagar lake at 800 feet barren mountain.

Camel Race During Desert Festival at Jaisalmer

#Port Blair

Port Blair is the state capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. A famous tourist hub, this island is abuzz with a humming nightlife and a palm clad sandy beaches. Its en emerald island replete with natural beauty and lush gardens and rugged coastline. Its a mist visit, in fact Andaman and Nicobar islands make a great holiday destination. And less predictable than Goa!!


Munnar is a town in Kerala along the Western ghats. The place is blessed with natural scenic beauty, and is a well touted romantic destination for honeymooners. Pleasant environment, awesome weather and simply and cordial people. Tea plantations, fountains, valleys and mountains give it a rustic charm yet, the place is no less than a modern haven. It is indeed a perfect place to enjoy a calm and soothing vacation!


Mysore is one of the most popular travel destinations in Karnataka. It is popularly known as city as palaces. The best time to visit this vibrant city is during Mysore Dashahra festival. This colorful festival attracts thousands of tourists all over the world. The main attraction of Mysore Dashahra festival is ‘Mysore Palace’ which is illuminated by thousands light bulbs daily. Mysore is also very famous for its sandalwood products. Mysore city is located in closed proximity of several picturesque sites like Srirangapatna, Krishna Raj Sagra dam and Sivasamudram falls. Mysore has very moderate climate and is perfect for holidaying in summer. This cultural capital of Karanataka has a lot to offer from famous cuisines to palaces, museums and some awesome lakes.


Rajasthan is famous for its heritage, culture, safari and sand dunes. Jaisalmer is full of monuments and amazing architects. You will get a feeling of being in middle east while visiting Jaisalmer. Camel safari and desert dunes are extremely popular among  the tourists. Jaisalmer fort is a famous tourist attraction. This amazing city of Rajasthan has lot to offer with some famous festivals and colorful Rajsthani culture.

There is plenty to shop for. The city is well connected with all parts of india.


Blessed with aplenty of natural beauty, Uttarakhand has many breathtaking locations, you would not want to go back once here! The Valley of Flowers is an spectacular attraction, so are the valleys, hills, water bodies, springs and waterfalls, that make the place nothing less than a heaven on Earth!

Summer vacations are the best time to visit, and if you want to enjoy the snow-clad mountain view, visit Uttarakhand in Winters. There is no dearth of natural beauty!

In fact almost every state of India is full of  incredibly beautiful and vibrant travel destinations. It is very hard to compare and say which one most beautiful. All travel destinations have their unique fervor and it depend on the facts where you lose your heart.


#Some Important Travel Tips

You should not be traveling without minding these travel tips!!

#Learn to Pack Light

You can always wear a pair of trousers or a shirt twice.. there is no need to pack tons of clothes for a 7 day holiday!

#Pack Wise

Pack your clothes wisely. Don’t stash up lots of synthetic material if your destination is humid! Also roll your clothes, it saves space, leaves no creases and helps easy packing.

#Undies and Socks!!

Learn a bit of laundry too! Same reason, plus these small items can be easily washed up and you do not need to find a laundry in aforien land!

#Shoe it Up!

Keep your stiletto and high heels for parties! Travelling smart is about having comfortable walking shoes too!

#Money Matters!

For emergency situations, keep some amount of cash stashed! Cosmetic bottles are a good place to keep it hidden and safe!


#Map your Route!

Always carry a map of the city you are going to. Keep your hotel card and adress handy.

#Photography skills!

In this age of selfies, smart photography has shrunk to Instagram and Pinterest pics, make sure you click some scenery.. to keep the memory alive!

#Ditch Taxi and Auto!

When its about traveling smart, make use of public transport., its safe, hassle free and gives a great experience!!

#Follow the Locals!

Ask local people for advice, tips on food, transport, tourist destinations etc. Local people can give you a better and trust-able opinion.

#Important stuff!

Always keep tampons and sanitary napkins handy. A change of clothes in your carry-on is a must too!

#Haggle it out!

Its no harm haggling for prices a bit. The taxi and Auto walas are quite smart and try fleecing you at the drop of the hat… Learn haggling, it can save you quite a bit!


Take help of the internet and check out all info about the place your are to stay and stay away from scams!!

#Be Respectful!

We Indians even differentiate on the basis of region! Be respectful, this attitude “we are but the best, and fools are all the rest” is a horrible mistake and shameful too!!


I hope this will suffice you for your travelling expeditions this holiday!

Did I miss out anything… Do tell, share your queries, questions and concerns… Waiting for your response!

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