Love Stories!!! Touching or Dodgy???

Which genre of movie do you like? Probably romance, mystery, thriller, drama or some other genre!!!

Movies vs Real Life!!


Whatever you choose, you very well know that the real world is very different from what is shown in these movies. This is a practical world where you can hardly find a perfect family like that shown in the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. No matter how well the parents raise their children, there are still a lot of mistakes those children make after they grow up.

It’s very common, isn’t it? How many youngsters can you imagine to be perfectly sober without even a single experience of drinking or smoking?? You can hardly find five or six like those.


Believe it or not, most of the movies have got nothing to do with the reality, but many of them are acceptable just for the sake of entertainment. Such movies are mostly of the action genre. Kids are the ones who enjoy such movies most.

Movies based on love stories are the fever of the town with every couple watching them on the first day at the first show.

These stories are all very touching but quite misleading as well!!!


How do Love Stories Deceive People???

People who blindly believe in love stories come under the impression that someday they will find their Mr. Perfect or Ms Perfect who will be their life partner. They may even find their love and enjoy with their companion for a while.

Such people develop within them a weakness and a fear. The weakness lies in the fact that they will blindly agree to whatever the partner insists. The fear lies in the possibility of break-up!!

Love Shove and Break up!!376345_285089538202746_243485752363125_926350_1278317570_n

If there is a break-up due to consecutive problems between the two, one of them may get over easily, but it is not so easy for the other one who believes in true love. His or her dreams are totally ruined!!!

People who are ready to fall in love must be ready to face a love failure as well. Then only they will be able to face the hard situations in life.

Love may have gone, but life goes on!!!  


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