“Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is.”

― Barbara Bush


Sex is an inevitable part of life and oral sex is an inevitable part of rocking lovemaking ride. Oral sex on a male aka fellatio is an art of stimulating the genitals with lips, tongue teeth or throat. It’s an indispensable part when comes to pleasing and getting pleased.

So gal, have a fun frolic date with the manhood of your partner and shower some undivided attention there which will take your man to the seventh heaven 😉



Following are some pro tips to amp up the arousal bar ……

#Whenever giving fellatio, be fun frolic, exploratory and bawdy. Just make sure you race the pace nicely i.e. start slow and then rev up with the banana in front of you. Use flavored lube for smooth action or use the old is gold.

#Start your blow job to blow his mind and senses. Go slow, up and down the shaft making him go higher and higher. Also, add some bawdy words and dirty talking to boost the mood. It’s a great turn on. Ting tong

#Gagging is nice when seen in porno… but in reality, take the dick inch by inch to make it a pleasurable experience for both the partners. Touch the lips to the shaft first, then mouth and then to and fro ride… you better know girl!

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#Use your luscious lips to please your man. First gloss it over with saliva using your tongue and lick lick and lick the rod of your guy, waggle your tongue on his penis and do some outlining on it. See how your man squirms gal!

#The more pleasure and excitement you feel, the more pleased will be your partner. It gives a kick to a man’s ego when he knows that he’s able to please his gal. Men are born providers and protectors!

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#Be naughty and use your teeth occasionally to give a teasing touch to your man or hold the penis with a tight grip to send shivers down his spine.

#If you are losing energy by the to and fro action down there on him, take some rest by jumping onto kissing and licking. It will not only give rest to your mouth but also bring variety and all knows variety is the spice of life!

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#Give a treat to your man’s eyes by showing him some extra cleavage or naughty expressions… this will leave him wanting you more and more. Losing control you know!

#Don’t ignore the balls, we know they hang down there but they are extremely important part. So, pamper them, nibble them and lick them. In short, play with the balls!

So, what are you waiting girls… blow your man in the bedroom today!