God designed sex for  married people


If unmarried, we are to remain sexually pure- William Curter, MD and Sandra Glahn

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What is Premarital Sex?

jjjjPre-Marital Sex is the sexual act practiced by individuals who are unwed.

I am in a relationship with a girl… should I get sexually closer to her? Is it okay to have intercourse with my guy? I am engaged to my fiancé… should we sleep with each other? I love her so much, can we engage in an intimate relationship with her?

PRE marital sex – yay or nay?

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Are you also having the above interrogation in your mind and wanna have an answer to it?

Generally, when seen from the society’s eyes, cultures and traditions consider Pre marital sex as taboo and an act of disobedience. Fornication is seen as disrespect of moral values and traditions which are followed in the society from time unknown. Pre-marital sex is often disputed and not accepted by the societies and religions.

Apart from what the societies and cultures say or what the pre conceived notions are, it is a normal thing to have sexual desires and wants. As an individual grows, there are hormonal changes emotionally and physically which lead to maturity and desires. There comes a time in a person’s life when sexual need peaks, people get attracted to the opposite gender.

Due to the attraction forming and the bubbling hormones the Individuals get into relation to celebrate love and desires. This ranges from a relationship or fling or one night stands. It is not only sex drive but also compatibility a person wants to test with the other one sexually.

Nowadays almost all engage in sexual acts and relations and they don’t have any problem. The only point here pokes here is the fear of getting found out. In the past, marriage made the foundation of sexual life and a life together… but nowadays, people want to fulfill all the desires, be it sexual or otherwise.

Having an individuality, it’s totally on the person that he or she wants to get engaged in the sexual acts or not. There should be equality and freedom to be a hedonist. As every individual grows up in different type of upbringing and culture, it is purely on the individual whether get into it or not. But, the only thing which should be a concern is that your conscious is balanced with what you want to do and with whom you get engaged as this will abscond you from any guilt or negative feelings.

Of course the last word rests with you and with no intentions of hurting anyone , I would just like to say people should really get modernized not in just name but in deed. Keep pace with the time and get out of the old fashioned norms which don’t serve any purpose any longer.

Hope is still alive, if we wanna change, we can change and yes change for the better.