Period Hacks : Every Girl Must Know These!

Every girl in this freaking world has to deal with this life ruining, you are not welcome kind of condition every single month for more than half of her lifetime (not while you are pregnant and after menopause). And each month it comes with a bang (like literally). It disturbs our routine, makes us very sensitive towards almost everything, our mood swings are on fleek, bed and couch become our best friends, even make the most health conscious girls ditch their diet and binge on not so healthy food.

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No matter how much we girls cringe about periods, this is something that we cannot avoid. It will come back every month and the related problems too will follow. A better option is to stay prepared before the enemy attacks you. These easy period hacks are all you need to know to make your life easier during those not so amazing days.

* Do light exercises-

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Being a couch potato or snuggling with your comfy blanket for the whole day in your bed won’t give you any relief from those deadly cramps. Instead, get off your butt from that couch and do some light stretching, exercises and yoga. Working out will stretch your muscles and increase blood flow, reducing the pain level eventually.

* Heating pad-

Heating pad

A hot compression is great for temporary relief from those cramps. Heat improves blood flow and provides you some relief.

* Hot beverages-

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Periods are not that bad, they actually give you a reason to watch your favorite show while sipping your favorite soup. Hot drinks taste (and feel) even better during periods. That warmth of simmering soup/green tea would never feel that comforting and it helps in minimizing the intensity of the pain.

* Say no to caffeine-

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Caffeine restricts blood vessels and also make you feel bloated. Consuming caffeine during mensuration may elevate the symptoms such as cramps, mood swings, backache, fatigue, etc. Instead, go for herbal teas, green tea, etc. Sodas and chocolate candy bars also contain caffeine, so try to avoid these as well.

* Pain killer-

Pain killer

If you don’t want to go through all the trauma by bearing the pain and trying on different remedies hoping that something will help, just take a pain killer. Over the counter pain killers such as Advil or aspirin may provide immediate relief from all the pain and cramps.

* Hot water bath-

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Fill your bathtub with hot water and a few drops of essential oils such as lavender or rosemary. Soak yourself in the hot water tub. The essential oils soothes your brain and the hot water improves blood flow. This will instantly relax you and also relieve the pain.

* Eat healthy-

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No matter how much you are craving for a chocolate ice cream or that cheesy pizza, it is better if you stick to healthy eating option like fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy carbs, proteins, etc. the “unhealthy food” may aggravate your problems during periods. So eat healthy during those days and you can compensate for them later on.

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