Is it Possible to Increase Height After 18? Know How!

It is really important to maintain a good physique, not for appearance purposes alone but for good health and personality. It isn’t about your complexion or your features, it is about personality. And having a good height is always an added advantage. As a fact, fat people could be tall but their bulge usually hides their height. A lot of surveys conducted say, that the people with good height are considered good-looking by majority of people throughout the world. Having a good height is either something you get from your genes or from a good healthy diet and routine. Studies have directed that the human body is capable of growing and developing, after the age of 18 as well.

One can increase height after 18 years of age!


There are a whole lot of factors that can affect your height in a good or bad way. There are habits you will need to control and those you will need to catch up with in order to increase height. The things majorly affecting ones growth are listed as below.


You must realize that you get a lot of your physical experience from your genes, your parents. And in a lot of cases there is not much you can do about it. Things like complexion, height and weight are a matter of genes.



One must go for suitable sports activities such as basketball, cycling and skipping. These are like work-outs that are proven most effective in increasing height. These are all the more fun too, which is the best part. Add some sports to your routine to get best results. If you’re not that sporty, you must at least walk.


If you haven’t stopped growing and want to grow further, dieting is not the way to go.


To get your metabolism rate faster, you must eat frequently. Have small and healthy meals and instead of having 3 meals per day, have 5-6 of them. The better the metabolism rate, the easier it gets for the body to grow.


Vitamin D is the shortest formula to be able to gain good height. There are various edibles such as eggs, fish, fortified milk that are healthy, filling and carry sufficient Vitamin D. The most natural Vitamin D that you could get is from soaking in some sunlight. If you do not have a schedule that involves going out in the sun a lot, you can always take a small walk later in the morning; say around 7-8 am; whenever there is bearable sunlight.



Stretching the body makes a lot of sense when it comes to increasing height. Exercises like Dead Hang, wherein you hang vertically holding on to a rod and let your body free, hanging in there, extending and stretching as much as you can. You may also just lie down and do a little stretch work out by extending your limbs and fore limbs as much as you can. This gives you flexibility and takes you one step closer to increase height.


This is one under-rated point. People very easily take this one for granted. But good posture actually is very important. Why, because bad posture if had for a long time and over and over renders your bones to get damaged and weak. You must not slouch or droop down. You should sit up straight so that your head and neck are in the same line. This is the perfect posture and easy to get. This helps straightens your spine ad in the longer run, eventually has a positive effect on your height.



These drugs are medications you’re put on. They are when effective, very effective and show rapid growth but they have their side effects.They give you various little infections that you may sideline for the time-being but they could later harm your body. The best way to gain good height is the natural way. And it at all, there is an extreme wish to gain height, you must take these pills only on a doctor’s prescription and that too Ayurvedic or herbal ones. They could have delayed effects but they do not carry any side-effects.


You must refrain from having junk, carbonated drinks, excessive sugar, etc. Add healthy stuff to your diet, food that is rich in Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Protein, Vitamins for they are specifically great for increasing height. Have fruits, too for a healthy diet is incomplete without them.


This is where metabolism is catered to again. Water helps keeping our system clean and accelerates the metabolism rate, which helps in gaining height and any sort of growth in a human body.



These points should be needless to say but since they’re too cult, people seem to indulge in them easily. Smoking and Alcohol degrade growth in each and every manner. They harm our metabolic rate and affect our immune system adversely.


Last, but not the least, Yoga is the best remedy for a lot of disorders the human body faces. It is the best physical and mental exercise. It includes stretching breathing exercises and balancing; all of these put together are very helpful in increasing height. The most important be stretching. Other than that it helps you have a sound body AND a sound mind. A sound mind keeps you happy and stress free and you get good sleep, which again is very important. It is scientifically proven that the people who get good appropriate sleep are the healthiest and the ones that have the best bodies.


Try including these habits in your daily routine. These will surely effect your height and growth. Do Share your thoughts and concerns.


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