Sacred Sex- By Gods!

Love is in the air, in the music, in the non-living things, in the animals, in Gods and within me too.
Ha-ha, that may be an unrelated start, but what I was trying to say is that love is simply everywhere and is precious for the ones who own it. Why talk about others, take me as an instance, I am quite possessive about the love of my life and that’s the reason why I tend to ask for a lifelong relationship with him from every single God. But, I think I was doing the wrong thing. No-no, do not take it in wrong terms. I recently got to know that there are specific Gods of love or sex, from our ancient times, who hold the blessing of providing love, fertility and purity with them. So, I thought, instead of pleading in front of every God, why not ask for the same from the specific ones! Great thought na? Thanks-thanks! 😉
I know there are many more like me… So, I decided to help them too by stating the list of the Gods who possess love or sex power within them. Here, you go.


Aphrodite 1Surce:
Aphrodite 2Source:
aphrodite gSource:

This Greek Goddess is considered as the epitome of beauty and femininity. She is the daughter of Zeus and Dione and mother of Eros. It is believed that she is kind to those whom she likes and she can be even cruel to those who displeases her. She holds the power of sexuality, feminine prowess, flower magic and relationships. She is the first one to be pleased on my list!

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