Kim Kardashian- Dresses In Pregnancy!

Pregnancy would never have been so much glamorous and in style without keeping up with Kim Kardashian! Even though the blissful period of her pregnancy may have come to an end on the early morning of 15 June, but, her maternity style is something, which has still kept her news of being gifted with a lovely baby girl, as fresh as early morning dew.

Do you know the best and most interesting thing about Kim’s pregnancy was not that will it be a baby boy or baby girl, but it was about what she will wear the next day? So, let’s have a peep in the maternity wardrobe of Kim and pick up the best out of all. 😉

Here we go..

#Smooth Snakeskin

smooth snake skinSource:

Few days before giving birth to her newborn child, she was spotted flashing her lovely baby-bump in her snake skin printed bikini. She looks stunning in even in her much increased baby-bump. Isn’t it?

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