Celebrities- Hair Transformation!

Change, it is sometimes the requirement and sometimes happens for the good! It sways in all directions. In short, it is like the mood of a human, which never stays permanent. Oh my God, did I just say that? Ha-ha, I am becoming definition inverter day-by-day! 😛

Well, moving on, the change which I was talking about in above para, was about the change that celebs tends to bring in their lives through their hair transformations. Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking about the stylish or unique cuts and colors or dyed follicles of well known scalps that we often get to notice on Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter.

After creating a big group of butterflies in your stomach, let me reveal about the list of celebs who have gone through this change..

#Katy Perry

katy 1Source:http://mac.h-cdn.co
katy 2Source:http://mtv-tv.mtvnimages.com

From long ponytail to short curls, from burgundy to blue, purple, black and many more colors, she has tried it all. But, her recent pic or rather her recent cut, resembles nothing from her past. From long hairs, she has gone for a boy cut. Strange, but suits her too!

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