Bisexual Celebrities!

So, do you have any girlfriend? (for guys)..and do you have any boyfriends? (for gals)..or, do you have any of them? ( know whom I am referring to here) 😉

Actually, it is a personal question, which is not answered by everyone. Some may feel comfortable about sharing such private details, while others may want to stay hibernated in their build up dens. But, what I don’t understand is that why do they try to put their sexuality under covers, when they are blessed with the opportunities of being an equal dater to both the genders! (wink-wink)

Well, moving on..though it may not be any of my business, but I just can’t help it out myself from revealing about the celebrities who swings both ways and are hence, categorized as Bisexual! So, here we go..

#Amber Rose

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She is extremely open up with her sexuality. According to her, ‘She can be in love with a woman and with man too.’ Ahem-ahem, then I think Kayne was not able to swallow your words that’s why he called for the split. Ha-ha, kidding, let the blame be put on Kim only!