Summers Skin Care : Must Haves For Your Beauty Kit!!

Summer is back and it is time for countless skin related worries. Indian summers can be really harsh to skin. You need to keep your skin ready for simmering sun during this summer. Many people advise not to go out of home between 11 am to 4 pm . Practically it is not possible no matter how hard we try to stay at home there are many temptations and requirements that pull us out from our shell. If you are a working person you can’t avoid sun no matter how hot it may be.

So it is better to have a seasonal re-stockings in your beauty box as we have in our wardrobe. Here are some beauty products that are must have for your beauty-box. Having some easy and workable kinky beauty tips always help look gorgeous and feisty. Make use of these skin care must haves and be the diva you want to be!


Sunscreen is the most useful beauty product very essential for summer. UV rays coming from sun can cause substantial damage to your skin. Sunscreen protect your skin from premature ageing and skin cancer.SPF values of sunscreen defines the quality of sunscreen. The better SPF value of sunscreen better the sunscreen. Gel-based sunscreen is better for oily skin while sunscreen moisturiser with non greesy texture is best for dry skin.



Rose water hydrates and tones your skin and make it oil free. If your skin is dry you can use a facial mist with moisturing properties. If you have oily skin you can use a facial mist with lemon oil for antibacterial effects.



Moisturiser is also a very essential beauty product for summer. For oily skin get-based moisturiser control oil production in your skin. Oil-free moisturiser are to avoid extra oil from your skin.


Body Scrubs

Body scrubs exfoliate your skin and made it radiant in summers. Scubs clear your skin ,open pores and remove dead skin.It is very essential to scrub your skin once and twice a week. They are more important for oily skins that are prone to acne and pimples.


Fruit Packs

Fruits contain natural vitamins and minerals that are very vital for your skin.Fruit packs are more safe and effective for your skin in comparision to chemical packs available in the market.


Summer cause severe damage to your skin and it is very important to equip yourself with beauty stuffs necessary for skin care in summers.

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